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The latest on Dunn and the Sox

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p1_dunn-si-mangin.jpgKANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ozzie Guillen was insisting that the White Sox still didn't need help.
His general manager? Well, Ken Williams obviously has other ideas.
The Sun-Times first reported late Monday night that the Sox had not only been coveting Washington Nationals left-handed power-hitter Adam Dunn, but according to sources, names had been talked about.
While it's unlike Williams to leave fingerprints on a possible trade target, the market on Dunn seems to be escalating quickly. Enough so that the Washington media was reporting that the Sox even had a scout at Tuesday night's game between the Nats and the Braves in Atlanta.
Guillen, however, was all for standing pat.
"Not right now,'' the Sox manager replied, when asked about adding to the product. "We need them to keep playing the way they are. I don't think right now we're desperate for anything. We're fine where we are. We'll see, maybe later on down we'll need somebody, maybe not.''
It might have been quiet on the Sox' end before their second game in the Royals series, but that wasn't the case with Dunn and the Nats.
A Washington Post website reported that one team source said of Nationals GM Mike Rizzo that he "would be open to anything that makes sense.''
Dunn, himself, then had to answer the usual questions that bombard players this time of season. Especially a player that will be a free agent at the end of the season, and has not been able to get an extension worked out to keep him in D.C.
"I hate talking about it every day, because it's nothing that I can control," Dunn told local reporters. "I hate talking about it. That was one of the reasons why I wanted to get something done, to avoid this.
"That's a problem when you sign two-year deals and stuff like that. This is the stuff I've been trying to avoid. I hate it. It seems like every single year I have to talk about it. There's nothing I can do about it. Why talk about it?''
Dunn reiterated that he didn't want to be a full-time designated hitter in the American League, but as Guillen showed with both Ken Griffey Jr. in 2008, and then Alex Rios last year - both mid- to late-season additions, he is well versed on how to keep everyone happy.
Dunn can play some first base, and even some right field if need be, as well as getting a few days a week in the DH spot.
"I've got enough confidence with the players to let them know the situation, how we're going to use it,'' Guillen explained, when asked about his ability to accommodate players. "That's why I don't worry about it. I let [Williams] do whatever he wants to do. He'll tell me, 'Hey, I got this guy in mind, what do you think? What do you think if I try to do this?' But in the meanwhile, I say 'Hey man, whatever you want, we're here to manage them, we're here to coach them, and we'll make it work.' ''
The Dunn sweepstakes were initially believed to be with just the Sox and the Angels as the frontrunner, but that has also changed a bit, with "a handful of teams'' now expressing interest. Not good news for the Sox, who might not be able to put a package together to sway Washington in their direction.
Either way, Guillen won't count on it happening until he sees it with his very own eyes.
"I think Kenny is doing stuff the way he does because as soon as it starts with the rumors - that's why I laugh when rumors go around that we're going to do this, we're going to do that,'' Guillen added. "Because he's the type of guy that yes, whenever there are rumors out there, you expect too quick and nothing happens.
"When he does stuff, he asks what we need, what we want, and he keeps it real quiet, all of a sudden we got a uniform hanging in the lockers. He knows exactly when it's time to move on or make a move, get somebody that can make a lot of difference. The way he does it, he doesn't want anyone to know exactly what he's doing. It's not just media-wise, but baseball-wise.''

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So, are these real sources Cowley, or is this another one of your Dan Hudson in Pittsburgh hoaxes?

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