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Peavy on a rebuilding scenario - 'If that were the case, I would certainly try to be moved ...'

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chicago-white-sox-jake-peavy-kenny-williams1.jpgJake Peavy doesn't read the newspapers.
So it was news to the White Sox pitcher on Thursday that his general manager insisted a day earlier that "Some changes need to take place.''
Peavy offered up a bit of news of his own, letting it be known that while change is to be expected, if it's a full rebuilding mode the Sox are looking for, count him out.
"I just want a chance to win,'' Peavy said. "I believe it can happen here. I'm excited to be in the situation. Nothing's changed just because we haven't played well. I'm excited to be in a situation where you talk about it's not going to be a rebuilding process. If that were the case, I would certainly try to be moved, but that's the least of my worries.
"I want to try to get myself and the rest of this franchise headed in the right direction. I'm excited to be a Chicago White Sox. I've told you guys that since day one. I'm excited to play for an owner that's passionate and people who are in charge who care truly about winning. It's just unfortunate the situation we're in. I'm very happy to be here, but it is a nice feeling at the end of the day to understand when you can control your destiny, and have a say-so.''
That "say-so'' Peavy has involves the fact that he has a full no-trade clause for 2010 and may block trades to 14 clubs in 2011 and eight clubs in 2012, when he also earns 10-and-5 rights. The fact that he was making $15 million this year, as well as $16 million next and $17 million in 2012 also adds to the fact that he is not an easy piece to deal.
"It doesn't weigh on my mind, if that's what you're asking,'' Peavy said. "I understand that the situation I'm in, I'm a lot less movable than a lot of these other guys. I'm sure that it does weigh on their mind.''
As far as manager Ozzie Guillen was concerned, it should not only weigh on their mind, but force them to look in the mirror.
"And to be honest with you, when a general manager makes moves, a lot of people blame the general manager,'' Guillen said. "That's the players' fault. To be honest. When the players are playing good, they don't make any moves. They don't play well, it's time to move on and I never see any player, counting myself when I was playing, and always blame the general manager. But you look around, it's the players' fault. If we play the way we thought we were going to play, well I guarantee this team would be intact. But the way we play right now, he's got the right to do that.''
No one was disputing that.
"Obviously, something's got to give,'' Peavy said. "We've underachieved as a team, as a whole organization. I could not have imagined being in this situation at this point in the year, with what we came into camp with I was excited. Other than the captain [Paul Konerko] and Alex Rios I think everybody has had below their expectations this year. That's unfortunate but the bottom line is it happened and you've got to be professional, you've got to battle through it and you've got to roll on. Like I said, we've still got a lot of baseball left to play and stranger things have happened as you know.''
That they have, but the fact is the Sox have run out of patience, and there are bills to be paid.
"You definitely hope for better results sometimes, whether it's a team or player, but everyone has been going about it - we have a lot of veterans in this clubhouse that do it right,'' Konerko added. "If we had guys in here not doing it right you would see more problems.
"As far as changes, we know the business we're in and that just comes with it. They have jobs to do and we understand that. We're trying to play hard to make that not happen, but if it gets to that you have to understand it as a player.''

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Jake was a cry baby in San Diego and is now a cry baby in Chicago. I'm glad to see him stink right now and I hope it continues, so that he learns that it's a team sport. You have to be a part of the team and not just say you are and BS the media. May Jake cry on!

Somehow I don't think anyone is lining up to pay this guy $15M a year

Why doesn't this guy just shut up? I could understand his comments if here were Doc Hallady,whom the Sox should have traded for instead of this guy.

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