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Peavy has fluid in the shoulder, but will start on Saturday

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e0015294_46dca7cebe7de.jpgPITTSBURGH - "Fluid in the shoulder'' just doesn't sound like it will end well.
Pitcher Jake Peavy, however, feels like a few extra days of rest is just "damage control'' and there is no reason why he won't be able to take the mound on Saturday against Washington.
"I believe I'm on schedule and going to pitch Saturday,'' Peavy said. "This is what I'm doing. I'm excited about that. There's some discomfort there, and we addressed it and hopefully a few extra days will get that out.''
Either way, the White Sox did have a bit of a scare the last few days, even sending Peavy to get an MRI on his throwing shoulder to make sure that pitching him was the right course of action. The news was good for Peavy, with inflammation with some fluid in the joint discovered, but the shoulder itself structurally sound.
"I take the post any time I can,'' Peavy explained on Thursday. "I'll be honest, too, with my employers and trainer and I admire the way they went about it. They knew exactly what was going on. They said, 'Listen, before we take any other measures, we want to make sure you're structurally sound.'
"You go in, and as uncomfortable and scary MRIs are at times, you wouldn't believe what fluid in your joint and shoulder capsule and that stuff could, at times you just think there's got to be something wrong if it hurts, but it's a little fluid here and there could cause some discomfort and pain and you go get fully checked out the way we did and find out your shoulder is structurally sound, that's such a huge mental block that's out of the way that you just battle some inflammation and fluid so you can go out there and fear or jeopardize your career. I admire the way we went about it and the doctor saw enough to think a few more days, I hope this calms down.''
It was great news as far as manager Ozzie Guillen was concerned, as well.
"We do everything as an organization, we do everything as a team to make sure we take care of him,'' Guillen said. "We let him know that my job, our job as an organization is to protect him the best we can and make sure he is there for us in the future, make sure he is there for us later. He feels great. He feels like he could have started for us [Thursday], but in the meanwhile, when you're a gamer, you want to be on the field no matter what. But it's my job to make sure that guy can be out there every day. We didn't want to take a risk. Thank God it's nothing serious, it's just soreness or whatever he had, and I'm glad he's going to start [Saturday] and miss just a couple of days.''
Peavy did say that the rehab work put in the last few days has increased his range of motion already, but the hope is that this is not a reoccurring problem.
"I'm still on the way and you talk about pitching and you're talking about damage control,'' Peavy added. "This is damage control.''

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