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Ozzie to the Marlins? La Russa to the Sox? Yes, in Fantasy Land ... or made up in a basement

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Ozzie-Guillen.jpgIt's the fairytale that won't die.
A columnist at the other downtown newspaper was reporting a scenario in which current Sox skipper Ozzie Guillen would be managing the Florida Marlins in 2011, with Tony La Russa out at St. Louis and back on the South Side.
Guillen was willing to take a trip to Fantasy Island and discuss it on Wednesday.
"Miami, next year? I have a contract here,'' Guillen said. "That's up to [board chairman] Mr. Jerry Reinsdorf and [general manager] Kenny Williams. If they want me to be here, I'll be here. If they don't, it's one thing I know. If I'm not here, for sure I'll be managing as soon as I got fired. It will be with the Tiburones de La Guaira in Venezuela. I guarantee I will manage that [Winter League] team, and I will make a lot of money. As soon as they fire me, they would be calling me, looking for someone to manage them.
"Speculation can be out there, people could be talking about all this stuff, I'm happy here. I never deny I want to be manager here for the rest of my life. That's not my call. That's not my call in two years. At least I could be something behind the scenes, if I get fired out of here. I don't want that. This conversation went through my family. What my wife thinks is best for the family is what I'm going to do. I don't want to be making millions and millions of dollars somewhere else and be unhappy or my family be miserable. The fact that my kids are here in Chicago, so many years here, we like it here, I just want to stay here. As long as they want me to, as long as I'm happy and I feel comfortable with it, I'll be here. Money talks, because that's what we're working for. I'm not here to be famous.''
The kicker in this, however, would be even if Guillen was fired, would Williams want another big-personality manager like La Russa?
Guillen did add, "You never know in baseball. I thought I was going to play the rest of my career with the White Sox, and Jerry Reinsdorf kicked my butt out of here.''

Third options

Guillen admitted that trying to get 21-year-old rookie Dayan Viciedo at-bats at first base with Omar Vizquel playing so well is a "concern.''
"Yes I am concerned, because [Tuesday] night I was sitting on the bench and asking Joey [Cora] how we were going to find [Viciedo] some at-bats,'' Guillen said. "In the meanwhile, the way we were playing, the way we are right now, I don't think about getting people at-bats. I think about winning some games. I'm pretty sure he'll be playing against lefties. How many lefties we're going to face over the next couple of weeks, I don't know.
"Vizquel is playing very well. I think everybody on the field is playing pretty well. I'm going to go with a lineup to win games. We've got to find at-bats for Viciedo. I'm going to try to find the way that we can. I'm not going to waste my time thinking about Viciedo's at-bats. I'm going to find out how to win some games. Maybe Kenny's got something in mind in sending him down or keeping him here and seeing how many at-bats he can get. I can't promise anything about how many at-bats he's going to get.''

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getting mad at guillen for his rants and raves is a little like scolding a rooster for crowing that the sun came up. it also misses this fundemental point: he's simply the best manager this team has had in my lifetime (including la russa).

guillen isn't going anywhere. neither is williams.

so sit back, relax and strap it down so that you're ready to watch the continuing saga of type-a personalities.

snarky snarky. way to go dark lord cowley, cutting into the hapless Hack Rogers! Idle speculation is what you have. If you wish long enough, maybe you guys will add the "morning Shill" and David "whatcha talkin bout Willis" Haugh to Morrissey the catty.

getting viceido at bats is easy: platoon him and beckham at third. put vizquel at 2B. we know omar can play middle infield. if he can hit at 3B he can hit at 2B.

Between Phil Rogers (print) and Jim Laski (radio) - it's proof the Tribsters have lost their freakin' minds. Lets
just make stuff up and see what sticks....

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