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Ozzie talks all things Ken Williams one last time

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240193.jpgWASHINGTON - As far as manager Ozzie Guillen was concerned, all the talk about his relationship with his general manager is now over with.
Damaged or not, Guillen and Ken Williams are pushing forward.
"I don't have anything against Kenny - a lot of miscommunication, misunderstanding, a lot of disagreements but that's part of my job, that's part of our job. I think to me that thing is way behind. I got a lot of things to worry about. I got 25 [players], plus three kids and a wife. That's 29 people I have to worry about.''
Guillen's comments on Sunday, came in the wake of board chairman Jerry Reinsdorf admitting on Saturday that while Williams has never come to Reinsdorf and presented the idea of removing him from his post, the yelling match the two got into on June 8 had to be resolved.
"Yeah, I spoke to each of them separately,'' Reinsdorf said. "The stuff was in the paper and I said, 'you guys can't have this kind of bulls---. You have to work together.' That was basically it. Go make up. I didn't use those words. I said, 'We can't function if you are not going to get along. You can have your fights like you always have, but it can't continue because we can't function that way.' They both agreed and as far as I know, they are back to normal.''
Then again, what is exactly "normal'' when it comes to the traveling circus that is White Sox baseball?
"We continue to work, we talk a lot better, we communicate a lot better with the team,'' Guillen said. "It's nicer to come to work that way because it's not easy when you have the negativity and other stuff. Maybe because we win a couple games the last two weeks it makes things better but I think if we want to make this work, I have to do my job, he has to do his job. We got to communicate about the ballclub, do what we're supposed to do.
"As a friendship, hopefully gets better. It's not 100 percent better but it's getting there. How long is it going to take? Hopefully quick enough but it doesn't bother me. The only thing that bothers me about this is to make the players [not] get involved.''
Which they haven't.
To a man the last two weeks, the one message heard from the players has been an almost "just another day with this club'' philosophy.
As a matter of fact, the Williams- Guillen spat might have been the ultimate relief from a group that was playing with a lack of confidence, and looking tighter and tighter with each bad loss.
According to Matt Thornton, while Guillen might have been quitting on the friendship that he once shared with Williams, he never gave up on the team, no matter how low things got.
"Ozzie kept trying different situations, different lineups, different things out there, and [Guillen and the coaching staff] never quit,'' Thornton said. "But they never quit on us in 2007, and that was one of the worse situations I've been a part of. This team is way too talented - everyone has been saying it for two months - we were way too talented to be where we were. You're starting to see that talent rise to the top and get on a roll here.''
But there is an endgame in this whole Guillen-Williams fallout. At least an end-game that Guillen would like to see play out.
"Hopefully things move on,'' Guillen said. "If Jerry loves me that much, I need a couple more years on my contract, extend my contract.''
Guillen then laughed.
"Keep us in town,'' he added of the Williams-Guillen duo. "We grow up [together], we went through this before and I expect it to be better. Is it gonna be better? It couldn't be worse. I've moved on, we talk, hopefully we put that on the side.''

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