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Oz talks Zambrano after their Friday dinner

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zambrano-thumb-300x362-50575.jpgOzzie Guillen didn't want to get too deeply into Cubs business, but the fact was the White Sox manager is - knee-deep into it to be exact - because of his friendship with Carlos Zambrano.
Following the volatile Zambrano getting yanked from the Friday game after a first-inning meltdown in the dugout directed at teammates, and then the subsequent announcement he was suspended by the Cubs, there was still the little matter of would the pitcher keep the dinner date he had set with Guillen and his family later that night.
He did, and it wasn't a meal short on dinner conversation.
"I asked what happened,'' Guillen said. "He told me exactly what happened. I can easily say because if I say what he told me, at least I can leave it to him. He was upset with a lot of the team. That was it. I told him what to do, to wait a couple days. He will do what I tell him to do. Face it like a man. Don't turn back on this problem. Face it like a man. Go out, put your face on it and move on.
"What are they going to do to him? Trade, release or suspend him? At least when you face it like a man and admit you were wrong, everyone moves on. He didn't kill anyone. He just made one mistake.We can't criticize the kid for that. That's the way he is. ... We got to respect people's ways, and that's the intensity this kid brings.''
Guillen wanted to clear the air on his comments from Friday, and the fact that he said he could handle a guy like Zambrano. He was trying to say he could handle any player.
"I said that I could handle anyone in baseball,'' Guillen explained. "All of a sudden, it sounds like I was telling Lou Piniella he can't handle stuff. That's bulls---.''
While Guillen agreed with the punishment coming down on the right-hander, when it was first going on in the dugout, he would have changed one decision.
"Lou did the right thing, tell the guys 'move on' and 'go away, go home,' '' Guillen said. "If it was me, I would tell my coaches, 'Stay away. I want to see them fight.' I said that with J.D. [Jermaine Dye] and [Orlando] Cabrera [back in 2008]. 'Stay away from that, if they want to fight, let them go.' At least they show some fire. Happened in Kansas City.''
Guillen pointed out the run-ins he had with Carl Everett and Damaso Marte back in the day, and how he handled it.
But he also said that if it meant more wins against the Cubs this season, he's all for more dugout meltdowns from the North Siders.
"Good, I hope they fight again today,'' Guillen said. "I told Carlos to come to the game today and just take batting practice so I won't have to deal with that.''

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