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Oz speaks out on all things Kenny Williams and their relationship

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ozzie-kenny-whitesox.jpgHere are the basics from Ozzie Guillen on his relationship with Ken Williams before the start of the cross-town series.

"I wish I could keep my good quotes, because I think the media always let's the bad quotes go out - I said this in spring training: 'If we love each other in July the way we do now, we're playing good.' No matter what sport you play, what family ... when the thing doesn't go right, people are going to hate each other, people are not going to like each other, people are going to talk about each other. That's what losing does. A couple of people asked me the other day about chemistry and I was listening to the radio and what's funny is they believe in chemistry. I don't see any team lose 100 games and have chemistry. When you're in first place, the first thing that comes out is 'Well we got great chemistry, our clubhouse is very loose, our clubhouse is very nice, we get along with everyone.' But when you go the opposite, when you go to a losing team, you don't hear anything about it. The way we're playing right now it seems like we hate each other and everything is going bad and things don't go our way. I mean I'm not happy with the way we're playing right now. It's easy for me to go out and talk about my players or my players talk about me or the GM is mad or Jerry is disappointed, well we're all disappointed. Deep inside we're all mad because I thought things should be better now than they are. No matter what you do in life, if that thing doesn't go right, it's a bad feeling on yourself, thinking negative and don't believe what you're doing.''

On getting in a heated argument with Williams:

"Funny thing about it is I'm out of shape to fight anyone. Last time I fight I was 10 years old. There was a couple talks, nothing out of ... first of all I don't fight. I don't think we, or anyone, can go out there and resolve any problem fighting. We just talked about it, and that situation happened a couple days ago and that's it.''

"There are a lot of things that happened this year and we're not going to deny it, since spring training, a lot of disagreements between each other, but that doesn't mean we have personal problems. Personal problems, everyone has personal problems, but in the meanwhile, we respect each other the way we should. We still talk about the ballclub. One thing about it is the relationship between manager and GM in baseball, we played together, we grew up together, and that's the difference between another GM and manager and us. It's like a divorce, it's like a you're married - you argue with your wife, with your kids and then all of a sudden you turn the thing, blow it away and move on. Right now, there are a lot of things that have happened out there, I don't want to say miscommunication, a lot of disagreements, and they get to the point like we hate each other, well, I don't remember hating anyone. Is the relationship the same way it was? Not really, because a few things have happened in disagreements, but that's part of life.''

On can the personal relationship ever be like it was?

"I don't know, I don't know. I hope it does. We should, why not? People have a problem, they put it back together, and I expect that. If I'm going to be here long enough, we should.''

On if he would be surprised if Kenny left after this season?

"Yes, I'd be surprised. I don't say what reason. Kenny is doing a good job with this organization. You look at the balance, and you balance one thing to another, he's done more good stuff than bad stuff, and that's people's decisions, not my decisions. But I don't think that's the reason why he has to do it.''

On who would fire him if it came down to that:

"If that's going to happen, Kenny is the one who fires me. He's the one who hired me. Kenny hired me, He will fire me. Jerry hired Kenny. Jerry will fire Kenny. I hire my coaching staff. I fire my coaching staff. That's the way it is. I never will go over Jerry's head if Kenny has to make a decision. I not. They respect each other as a worker, and they respect each other as men. If Kenny made the decision, I guarantee you Jerry will be behind him 100 percent. Because that's the way I do stuff.''

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