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Guillen says 'enough is enough' with all of the Zambrano hate

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CarlosZambrano.jpgKANSAS CITY, Mo. - Whether it's the Cubs organization, Cubs fans or Chicago baseball followers in general, Ozzie Guillen wasn't going to single anyone out.
But what he did insist on Tuesday, was the relationship between the White Sox manager and Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano was being completely misunderstood.
Guillen was asked if he had spoken to the suspended North Sider since they had dinner together Friday night, just hours after Zambrano was pulled out of the game against the Sox after a first-inning meltdown and sent home, with Guillen replying, "No. My wife [Ibis] did [Tuesday] morning, talked about business.''
Guillen then cleared the air on exactly what that dinner was about, as well as how Zambrano has been handling the suspension and what now seems like some sensitivity training.
"I think what he's doing is the right thing,'' Guillen said. "A lot of people - I'm not going to say the Cubs - a lot of people made it out [like we went to dinner to talk about it]. No, we went to dinner because of my wife's business. We didn't go to dinner for me to talk to him about what happened. The last thing we talked about is what he did. We talked about life, about being in Venezuela, we talked about a project my wife has for him back home, and obviously when that thing happens, it was that day we had dinner.
"I know a few people were upset or don't like it. We planned the dinner because my wife had to talk to him about lot of different things. My wife does a lot of [charity] stuff for him in Venezuela.''
Guillen said if the circumstances were different, like "If I see Carlos hitting one of my players or we fight that day against Carlos, then I wouldn't have dinner with him, that's not the right way.''
But because it was a business meeting first and foremost, Guillen felt it was fine.
"He's doing what he should be doing, [go] for help,'' Guillen said. "Be sure you talk to the team and move on.''
While the Cubs have been tight-lipped about specifically what kind of help Zambrano was getting, Guillen made it sound like it was the same type of sensitivity training he went through in 2006.
"I don't think you're going to change,'' he said. "For me [sensitivity training], that didn't work out s---. I'm the same. But in the meanwhile, it helped. My problem was that the [sensitivity trainer] listened to me, I didn't listen to him. In the meanwhile, when you make a statement and you're willing to do something, you have to back it up. If you told your team, 'Hey listen, I apologize, I'm sorry,' and you mean it and move on, people will let you move on. You have to be careful if you make a statement and [you don't follow through], then you have to be careful, 'Hey last week you said this, what happened now?'
"I think Carlos is doing the right thing. I think the Cubs are doing the right thing. But enough is enough. Carlos has already talked with the Cubs. Everything is good with the Cubs - I don't say great, but it's better, everything is on the table. I don't want people to bring it up every time, every minute.''

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