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Jenks unplugged after Tuesday save - good stuff

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bobbyjenks_nc.jpgMINNEAPOLIS - Bobby Jenks earned save No. 6 on the year Tuesday night, one game after the worst loss of the season in which the closer allowed four runs in the ninth for his first blown save of the year.
His message on Tuesday to the doubters and haters?
"That's the thing I don't understand, all the stuff going on,'' Jenks said. "I mean it's one game. Everyone is hitting the panic button in f------ April. Chill out. I don't want to say everything I want to say, but it was one bad game. The game before that I gave up a solo home run, the wind is blowing out 20 mph, what are you going to do?''
Asked if it was unfair that he seemed to be the one that was singled out, Jenks said, "I really don't want to comment on it too much because I really don't want to start anything, but it was one game. It was one F-ing game. Things happen.''
As far as giving up a double to Jim Thome in his Tuesday save, Jenks did have the one-liner of the night.
"He keeps doing that, I know where he lives,'' Jenks said. "I'll just toilet paper his house.''

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Really, Bobby?

I get what you're saying but you've been REALLY shaky so far this year. It's only fair to question whether or not you've lost it.
Good closers don't put 30 some base runners on by early May.

I really dislike how Jenks always points the finger to something else, rather than himself. So far this season, he's pitched like 14 innings and given up 20 hits and 10 runs. It wasn't just one game. If it were one game no one care (as much).

The wind was blowing 20 mph when you gave up that HR? Okay, then explain the 2 hits prior to that. Oh, and the hit you gave up right after the "it was the wind's fault!" HR? What's the excuse for the lack of 1-2-3 innings, which has been a problem since last year? And the fact that you constantly let the tying run get on base before you're able to finally (and not always) get that 3rd out. I just don't get how he is not seeing that he is not an effective closer anymore.

Gutsy move on Ozzie's part. I also read that the Sox are "showcasing" Jenks. I think a lot of teams may be interested.

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