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Would you hire this guy? Ozzie asks 'Why not me?'

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ozzie20081-291x3002.jpgTORONTO - Ozzie Guillen knows at some point - whether it's his decision or not - he and the White Sox will go their separate ways, but the seventh-year manager was posed an interesting question on Wednesday: How quickly did he feel he would get rehired or would teams shy away from the traveling circus that seems to come with the Guillen show?
"If the White Sox fired me? It's one thing about it [the next club is] going to get what they get,'' Guillen said. "That's one thing about it, I guarantee you. I might find another job a lot quicker than people think, maybe not, but since I got this job ... when we won this thing in 2005, I've always said they have a right to fire me, they do. But I think there's a lot of people now, where if I'm going to leave, I think they would give me a shot. There are a lot of horse[bleep] managers out there that they've given two and three shots to manage in the big leagues. I don't see why not me.''
Guillen brought up Cleveland manager Manny Acta, who entered the night with a career .384 winning percentage, and the fact that several teams were battling over his services this offseason, before the Indians landed him.
"Manny Acta - I don't want to talk [bad] about Manny - but Manny had negative seasons, no? He had two [bleeping] teams that wanted him. Why can't I get another chance with another team? Am I going to keep on doing it? Well, I have to see what is going on. I know I will be in baseball, easily. I can do anything in baseball except one thing - general manager.''
It's not the first time Guillen indicated he would never want to be a GM. But he also knows that if there isn't a managerial job, there is always TV. He worked the World Series for FOX last October, and rather liked it.
"I never thought, because my English is broke, that I could do television, and they put me in for the World Series,'' Guillen said. "And they were begging me to be in the booth. If I go and get fired, I will tell [board chairman] Jerry [Reinsdorf] to 'Fire Steve Stone, Farmio [Ed Farmer] or D.J. [Darrin Jackson], I want that job.' ''

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Ozzie---YOU are a dumba$$

Why is everything always about you?

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