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Sox Sunday - Walker talks, Floyd bows out early, bad, bad, bad!

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3251916271_4953dea4ae.jpgCLEVELAND - It seems that manager Ozzie Guillen can't help but read his e-mails - good or bad.
Bad was the best way to describe the batch that started filling up his box since Saturday's disappointing 3-2 loss and into the series finale with Cleveland.
"I read them [Sunday] morning, it was fun,'' Guillen said. "Oh, it was bad, we've got a bad team. They're writing e-mails to me like I'm in Venezuela and I don't watch the game. They tell me all kinds of lineups. I make comments like, 'I make different lineups for a reason, because the team is struggling. You try to find a way to fix it.'
"I love to take the heat, I love to take responsibility. I'd rather they blame me than blame the 25 guys. This is my job. Like I said, it's easier to be the manager when you're not the manager, it's easier to be a broadcaster when you're not a broadcaster. It's easier to be something when you never do it.
"There's desperate people out there. Well, I don't think there's more desperate people than me. The only thing I have to do is show up here with a positive attitude and let those guys know I still believe in them, I'm behind them.''
Basically, exactly what Guillen did concerning hitting coach Greg Walker on Saturday.
It was Guillen that put to rest any talk of Walker's job security before it could start gaining momentum. And while Walker's hope is that his name never even comes up, he did his best to try and deflect that attention on Sunday.
"As a hitting coach, you never want to be in the press,'' Walker said. "You don't ever want to be an issue. I haven't even read it and don't know what was said. I don't really care. All I know is the guys are working and are healthy. At times, we've done some really good things. We've scored some runs. We just haven't scored enough.''
Walker's job is to try and change that. In any state of the team address that might be made through the first 13 games, the offensive woes top almost everyone's list.
From Walker's seat, a lack of confidence is what has been weighing on the shoulders of a handful of his hitters.
"Coming into this season, I felt like there were a lot of people who had questions in their own mind about where they were in their careers for whatever reasons, whether they were hurt last year or didn't play,'' Walker said. "Whether it be whatever, that's not an excuse.''
Translation: It's time for Walker to once again play team shrink.
"If you could learn how to instill confidence in baseball players, you would probably be a billionaire.'' Walker added. "The biggest thing you fight as a coach is dealing with anxiety in players. It's the battle everyone faces in this game, especially in a market like Chicago. Guys tend to put too much pressure on themselves in big situation, instead of walking up there with their chest stuck out knowing they are going to get it done. We are walking up there hoping we will get it done, and it just doesn't cut it in this league.''

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Walker is awful...but we've also got:

1. A manager that's gone off his nut and is making out lineups with Mark Kotsay batting 3rd and AJ and his rolled up newspaper batting 5th

2. Can't really blame him though because our usual #3 hitter is hitting .200 and our cleanup hitter is hitting .220. And don't tell me batting average does not matter. It does.

3. A bullpen that is awesome except when they, you know, have to protect a lead or something

4. 3 out of the 5 starters from our wonderful, enchanted rotation getting theirs ears boxed in regularly

Going into today: Scotty Pods is batting .457 Juan Pierre: .194 Great leadoff hitter.

Greg Walker the player: 113 home runs, 550 strike outs. Great resume to be a hitting coach!!

Harold Baines: Career total stolen bases: 34. Great resume for a 1B coach!!

Tim Raines: Career total stolen bases: 808. Average for all 23 major and minor league seasons: 35. Tim Raines averaged more stolen bases per season than Harold Baines had during HIS ENTIRE CAREER!!

Ozzie says it's up to the hitters. Then they may as well get rid of the hitting coach.....I mean batting coach. We obviously dont have a hitting coach.

I agree with Ozzie about a revolving DH. We just don;t have the right players for that right now.

The funny thing about this team is it looks like a pretty good lineup to me until the game starts. I watched these guys for a week in Glendale and I actually had my hopes up. I've always liked Ozzie but this group is shaping up to be major underachievers and that falls squarely on the manager's shoulders. As for Greg Walker, he's been a joke in my book for years. How many experienced quality hitters have we acquired over the years only to have their swings overanalyzed into mediocrity. Unfortunately, us Sox fans all know that Jerry Reinsdorf prioritizes Sox family loyalty over winning so I'm not holding my breath on major changes this year. I'll just stay at home and watch the drama unfold on TV and save my money for when they get their act together.

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