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Sergio to be a starter? Not if he has a say

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50734662.jpgSergio Santos has made huge strides in the one year he's been turned from a shortstop into a pitcher.
So what's the end game with the hard-throwing rookie right-hander?
Even though he has three above average pitches, including a fastball that hits the 97-98 mph, becoming a starter is not in the plans. At least not in Santos' plans.
"I don't think so,'' Santos said about the idea of starting. "I think they would like for me to establish a role in the backend of the bullpen. I mean that's what I would like to do personally. But I haven't really thought about it. I've been focused on trying to learn as much as I can as a bullpen guy, and I like the bullpen life. I like coming to the park every day being prepared to pitch.
"Hopefully, I can do well enough to put myself into position to be a backend guy. It's pretty tough with this bullpen because you have three potential closers in [Matt] Thornton, [Bobby] Jenks and [J.J.] Putz, but they are good guys to learn from. They are where I want to be someday, so why not learn from them.''
Up until last season, Thornton still had thoughts of becoming a starter, but that dream has died.
That doesn't mean the Sox don't see big things for their rookie. With the future of Bobby Jenks up in the air, Santos could be headed toward ninth-inning duty. He has the fastball for it, that's for sure.
"It allows for me to not have to be as perfect,'' Santos said. "There are other pitchers that are 92-93 that have to spot up in and out and have to at least have one off-speed pitch working. Me, I have a little more room for error where I don't have to be as perfect, and it is nice. I know for the most part, a majority of the days I will have that 97-98.''

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I just saw a mouse that scientists were growing a human ear on its back on channel 11, and it was less disturbing than watching this team

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