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Ozzie doesn't like Toronto fans - the sequel

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mlb_a_guillen_300.jpgTORONTO - Ozzie Guillen is glad he's not Alex Rios.
As the seventh-year manager put it on Tuesday, if he was, he would probably be serving some jail time right now.
Guillen went surfing on the internet before Game 2 of the Jays series to see what the big deal was about the YouTube video in which Rios got into it with a few Toronto fans last June. In the video, a kid is trying to get an autograph, and then an adult starts yelling stuff at Rios when he apparently refused.
"If you put yourself in Alex Rios' shoes, that kid is lucky it wasn't Ozzie,'' Guillen said. "I would beat the [crap] out of him and the guys. Because the way they approached him to go to that point, is not the way to approach a human being. They were making fun of him.
"I swear to God, I'll be in jail right now. Because the people surrounding him were harassing him and I don't think they approached him the right way. They forgot. I saw the YouTube with his wife next to him. People think they can do whatever they want with celebrities, 'Oh, us poor people, whoever makes money or whoever a celebrity is.' That's not right.''
As far as Rios was concerned, he still held no grudges about the career he had with the Jays, and didn't hold any resent about the treatment he has been getting on his return this week. Jays fans were still booing him on Tuesday, but the Rogers Centre was far emptier than it was for the home opener.
The only thing that did catch Rios off guard was the venom in which the Jays fans have toward him.
"Yeah, I was surprised about that I guess,'' Rios said. "It wasn't my choice to leave here, they [waived] me, but it's all good. It's part of the game. It keeps the game exciting.
"I don't mind it. I had it many times here, so I'm kind of used to it.''

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I don't like that we're on our way to 3rd losing season in 4 years. Ozzie's shtick getting so very very old.

Toronto's hate of Rios has almost nothing to do with that YouTube video.
Do a little research.

ozzie a crybaby get real try win some games last p;ace lol good place for white sox whinners goooooooooooooooo twins


In light of your immature and quite frankly, idiotic, comments about baseball being "dead" in Toronto I think you would be best advised to keep your mouth shut. Your hatred of this country is completely unwarranted and I believe you were told to stay away from traveling here after your rude and ignorant behaviour in 2004. Baseball is not dead in Toronto. We are patiently waiting while management rebuild this team in to a contender. I will save my self time in divulging into a full onslaught about you and your remarks. So in short, the next time you choose to take a shot at not only this city and team, but this country, id think again. It is people like you that give Americans the bad rap of being ignorant. I refuse to generalize like your self and i know you are part of a minority of Americans who share your thoughts. It's easy to report from a far and i find it cowardly that you published your article after you had left the country. Anyways, careful next time your in Toronto, as im sure you know, we carry hockey sticks with us everywhere.

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