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Open season on Greg Walker? Ozzie closes it down

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walker-thumb-300x383-19828.jpgCLEVELAND - So you want a new hitting coach?
Tired of the yearly Greg Walker saga?
Think there's someone out there who can do a better job?
Let's see what White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen has to say on the subject.
"Two things I keep saying this and I always do this: As long as my coaches go out there and work and give the guys the information, that's all you can do,'' Guillen said. "If you have kids, [Dayan] Viciedo, [Jordan] Danks and [Tyler] Flowers, that's a little different.
"F--- them, that's [the players'] fault. It's not Greg Walker's fault. F--- it. I'm not going to fire a guy that has nothing to do with this thing. Look at [Mark] Kotsay, [Omar] Vizquel and [Jayson] Nix, they don't need a hitting coach. They need to f------ get hits.
"Every time I have a problem with my coaching staff, I'm the first one who fires them. This is like a chain, bro. If they no hit, they blame the hitting coach and then the manager. If they are not pitching, they blame the pitching coach. It's about blaming people.
"I take the blame. I don't want Walk or Coop or Joey to take the blame. All of this thing, blame it on Ozzie. Don't blame Kenny or Jerry or anyone else. Don't put anyone in the middle. When we are not hitting, not pitching or not winning games, my name is out there. That's why I'm the manager.
"I'm not afraid to get blamed. I don't give a s--- to be blamed.
"All of a sudden you start blaming people and you aren't blaming the one who should be blamed. Blame me because I write the lineup every day and blame the players because they don't produce. Greg Walker is here everyday at 8 in the morning watching videos, getting the information. He talks to them about hitting.
"Juan Pierre, 2,000 at-bats or more. [Gordon] Beckham and [Carlos] Quentin, they no need a hitting coach. It's a matter of time when they start hitting. If we have different players, then we need to teach them. Those guys, I don't think any guy in this lineup needs a teacher or know how to handle the big leagues.''
Well, there you go.

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Maybe that's the problem. Ozzie doesn't think anyone needs a hitting coach. Well, they don't have one.

Oh yeah...its Vizquel and Nix's fault...they should be better in the 9 at bats theyve gotten...Omar Vizquel, Jayson Nix and Mark Kotsay are the reason this team sucks..OK Ozzie..

How many years are they going to keep covering for walker, we all know he sucks, kenny covers ozzie covers, why is he like the spcial guy
evryone has to protect, I don't care what kind of veterans we are
talking about,they need a good hitting coach to keep them on their game, that job is NOT being filled. Who cares if this guy walker is there at 5am what the hell does that mean,his job is not being filled
blame the players why, good hitting teams have good batting coaching,
the sox have neither one at this time,I look to kenny as the guy
protecting this inept walker, what I can't figure out is why......

There goes "POTTY MOUTH" Ozzie again. If I owned the White Sox or any other "Professional Team" I would not allow any of my personnel to even think of talking this way. Williams, Gullian and Walker should all be fired NOW. This is too embarassing for the city of Chicago and it's sports franchises to put up with. Get a grip on your team Jerry.

Ozzie is the ultimate hypocrite. He says to blame him, he'll take all the blame, yadda yadda. Then when he has faced criticism in the last few weeks from the fans he basically tells the fans to go to hell, insulting them as not knowing a thing about baseball. Can't have it both ways Ozzie. It's time for a fresh face and attitude on the south side.

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