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Kenny speaks, and his cell phone is quiet

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Not only did general manager Ken Williams continue to preach patience on Tuesday, but also admitted that even if he was searching to improve the team, it would be a hard sell in mid-April.
"I haven't explored anything, simply because most clubs think I'm nuts when I start calling in May,'' Williams said on Tuesday, when asked about the possibility of trade talk starting up. "If I start calling in April, it's, 'Really? Seriously?' ''
That's not to say that there hasn't been a talk with manager Ozzie Guillen about the state of the team.
"I'm not preaching anything,'' Williams said. "I talked to Ozzie and said, 'Do you need anything?' 'You all right?' 'Yeah.' We got 149 games left, or something like that.''
Plus, Guillen had his own list of problems in returning to the South Side Tuesday morning after spending the off day at his home in Miami.
The seventh-year manager is still carrying around the "me against the world'' mentality, very well aware that it hasn't taken the fans very long to turn on him in the midst of the slow start.
Asked if he thought the fans were angrier than usual at the Guillen way, he replied, "Angry? The one [person] I don't want angry with me, and her name is Ibis Cardenas Guillen. Because if she gets angry with me that's going to cost me a lot of money. That's it, my wife. Everyone else, I care less if they like me or don't.''
Guillen spent most of the road trip reiterating over and over again that he is willing to take the heat, blame him. It seems they now are.
"Why are they angry with me, because we're playing bad?'' Guillen continued. "If the fans are mad at me, well how many people we hold here, 50,000 people? I invite all 50,000 people to come out and boo me because at least we're going to have people in the stands.
"They've booed me before, they've hated me before because I'm not an easy guy. Some people hate me, some like me, there's no in between. That's the way it is. I don't come here to have people like me or not. I come here to win at my job. If we win 10 games in-a-row, 2005 will come back to their minds, and I guarantee you that. If we lose five games in-a-row, they have to hate me. I don't expect anyone to like me if I'm not doing my job.
"I said that in February and March. I hope we love each other in June and July the way we love each other right now. When we're winning, everybody loves each other. When you lose, you hate each other. Why are we panicking right now? Because people don't believe in this ballclub, I do. As long as those guys out there don't panic, I can live with that.''
And for now, Williams is learning to live with it. Still not an easy process.
"Listen, this early in the season, I'm watching,'' Williams added. "But to a large degree, because of all the various factors coming out of spring training, the weather issues and all the different things, it's best at this point, and it took me a while to realize and understand it, it's best at this point to take a step back,
"I didn't travel with the team. You don't like what you see, you turn to the news for five minutes and watch ABC or NBC to see what's happening in Chicago, and turn it back and still don't like what's going on. Let's turn to Growing Pains. I like it better when I got a TV in front of me. I can't turn the channel when I'm here live. But I can always go back. You never know when your team might come back.''

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"me, me, me....I, I, I"

Puhleeeeeeze Ozzie....just shut your yap and win more games than you lose this year OK? Is that too much to ask? When you have a losing season, like you've done 2 out the last 3 years, people are either going to be apathetic or angry with you, what do you expect?

Damn!! 15 games into the season and people are already head hunting. Granted the last couple of season weren't the best. Sounds like a bunch of Sunday afternoon, armchair quaterbacks. Honestly..... is anyone knocking on your door wanting you to replace Ozzie? Obviously not otherwise this page would have no comments. Come on.... There are 148 games left and at least we're not on the north side chanting "Wait til next year."

I've been watching this team long enough that I know anyone paying attention can tell in April whether it's going to be any good or not..Our last 3 division titles, 2000, 2005, and 2008, our records in April those years?
2000- 17-8
2005- 17-7
2008- 14-13

So this team has no track record of having a horrible April and then making anything out of their season after that.

Also, when we fired Jerry Manuel he had winning seasons 3 of the 4 years prior to him getting fired. After this season it's going to be 3 of 4 losing seasons for Ozzie, so why is that not a fireable offense? The answer of course is 2005, but a franchise that makes its decisions based on what it did 5 years ago is hopeless.

well, i like the oz. however i do have to say this about A.J. . look what happened to Germaine Dye, he didn't get signed and now no one wants him. but, you can always use another catcher of better than "grade B" quality if for any reason one (Flowers) gets injured. i think that A.J. is better than a "grade b" quality catcher for a couple of grade C pitchers, and trading for Juan Pierre hasn't been that awesome trade everyone thought it would be, he's missing important plays in the corner and in the back and although he does get regular hits, alot of them are ending in outs. and i like Bobby Jenks, i just wish he didn't depend on the defense so much to end a game, i mean isn't that what a closer is? i like matt for that position anyway. well i'm not sitting here with stats in front of me, i'm just a fan and i think that patience is virtous but not always credit worthy.

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