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Juan Pierre is out as leadoff hitter ... for now

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juan-pierre-21.jpgARLINGTON, Texas - With an 0-for-5 performance in the Thursday win over the Rangers, Juan Pierre watched his batting average dip to .200 and the confidence manager Ozzie Guillen has in him fall even lower.
"He ain't playing [Friday],'' Guillen insisted of Pierre after the 7-5 win. "And then we'll try and figure out the next day, we have a couple of righties [pitching Saturday and Sunday], move him down to the No. 9 spot to make him relax a little bit.
"I don't know if he's putting a lot of pressure on himself or trying to do too much, but I'll try and give him a breather, [maybe] bat him second, I don't know. Try and figure out who my leadoff hitter will be. Maybe it will let him relax a little bit.''
Guillen wasn't quite sure how to explain the failings from Pierre, but does know that life in the American League is a bit tougher on first-time players.
"Like I say, a lot of people can say this is the American League and first time in the American League, that can happen,'' Guillen said.
Pierre has seen his share of different ballclubs - four to be exact - but never in the AL until now. What Guillen doesn't want to see from the speedy leadoff hitter is him carrying his failures from one game to another.
"It's one thing I worry about him or concerned about him is don't carry over the struggles to the next day,'' Guillen said. "He's a big part of our ballclub.''
As far as possible replacements, Guillen mentioned Mark Teahen as a possible replacement, mainly because Teahen's .379 on-base percentage and 10 walks. Guillen was also even fighting with the idea of Gordon Beckham.
"I don't want to put this kid in that position,'' Guillen said. "Maybe against lefties, but I don't want to put that guy in that position. You might see him but I don't think he's the typical guy to do it.''

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Finally, however Pierre needs to hit and hit well at leadoff for us to be succesful.

I honestly feel bad for Juan Pierre, seems like a great guy. I honestly do feel like this is more of a head issue more then anything. If it was mechanical it would most likely be fixed by now.

Well, with the exception of 3 or 4 teams the NL is a 4A league, and unfortunately we're depending on guys like Pierre and Peavy who are coming from that league and it usually doesnt translate very well...look at Matt Holliday...slightly above average player in the AL but a superstar in the NL

I'm glad he is out. Not only can't he hit water if he fell out of a boat he is a liability in the outfield that cost us one of the Texas games.

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