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Don Cooper defends his boy

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350x.jpgDon Cooper didn't want to hear the numbers, or frankly just didn't care, when it was pointed out that Gavin Floyd has a recent history of coming out of the gate slowly the past two years.
As a matter of fact, not only did the pitching coach ignore that assessment, but made an assessment of his own on Wednesday concerning both Floyd and Friday scheduled starter John Danks.
"If [John] Danks and Floyd make another step forward certainly it's going to enhance our chances to win the division,'' Cooper said. "If they both have the years that I feel like they're capable of having, they will put themselves in the elite guys in the league, where everyone knows their name, everyone is counting on them.''
It starts with Floyd Thursday night, as he makes his 2010 debut against Cleveland. The red flag with the right-hander is a 7-6 career April record and 6.25 ERA to go along with it.
"This kid is throwing the [crap] out of the ball February, March, April, May,'' Cooper said. "Whether he comes away with wins or not is another thing. That has nothing to do with his stuff not being there. He comes in ready to go. I know this kid is throwing the ball better than whatever [he's getting] credit for in April and May.
"I will say this - if he has another season like he's had the last two years then he has put himself into the category of upper third guys for me. That's where I think he's at, that's where his pitching coach thinks he's at. He's a dynamite pitcher, he's done very, very well for himself the last two years in many, many ways. He's risen from where he was, whatever you want to write about where he was in Philadelphia. While he's been with the Chicago White Sox, the last two years starting, he's been a very, very solid guy, and I think another year like that puts him into the upper third of pitchers in the American League.''
What Cooper wouldn't do was say which pitcher was ahead of the other in reaching that level - Danks or Floyd?
"Very close to each other, very close,'' Cooper added. "It's hard for me to say which one is ahead. That's like comparing your children - I got good kids, I've got good pitchers.''

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