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Cooper says Peavy's fine - NOW BACK OFF!!!

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Don%20Cooper.jpgTORONTO - Don Cooper isn't losing any sleep over Jake Peavy's slow start.
The White Sox pitching coach is simply leaving that up to everyone else who seems overly concerned about it.
"Certainly that would be a surprise to anyone because he's listed as the top guy,'' Cooper would admit, when asked if the stumble out of the gate for Peavy was a surprise. "Certainly that's what people would say and look for. I think Peavy's going to be fine.''
Asked why he thinks that, Cooper didn't hesitate to answer.
"Because I think he's good,'' Cooper said. "I think he's a good pitcher and I think he's going to be fine.''
Peavy enters his weekend start in Cleveland 0-0, but has an 8.44 ERA. Not exactly the type of numbers expected from the staff ace.
Asked after his Monday outing against the Jays what's been the problem, Peavy said it was location of the fastball. A good description as far as Cooper was concerned.
"That's kind of what it is,'' Cooper said. "When guys aren't doing so well it's usually location. He's made some mistakes and he's paid for them. We're looking to eliminate those mistakes, and that's what we're working for. We are going to eliminate those mistakes. I think when it's all said and done he's going to be a major contributor to what we do.''
He had better be, especially considering the Sox have $15 million invested in him this season, $16 million next year and then $17 million in 2012. Forget the $22 million club option with a $4 million buyout in 2013 - the Sox will cross that bridge when it's time.
What Cooper is not worried about is questions concerning Peavy's velocity being a few ticks down in his Monday outing.
"No, the command is the concern,'' Cooper added. "As a pitching coach I can't give him, we can't give him, more velocity. On that given day the guy's got what he's got. Gavin Floyd's got what he's got, Buehrle's got what he's got. Velocity is never my concern. It's the commanding of the pitches that you've got and changing speeds.''

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Back off? Ok Joe, whatever you say. Does that go for Lou's confidence in Soriano too? Did Cooper pat you on the head and give you a cookie too?

How's Peavey's slider? That's supposed to be his outpitch isn't it?

Well only 52 million left on his contract, heck you could buy half a hockey team for that kind of money.

I think Joe is being facetious...99% of the time Joe does not kiss White Sox butt

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