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Why Peavy is a man ... and you're not

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jake-peavy.jpgTEMPE, Ariz. - Just in case Jake Peavy hadn't already endeared himself to the South Side since arriving last July, Friday might have sealed the deal.
The White Sox ace took a comebacker off the left shoulder in the first inning of his three-shutout innings of work against the Angels, and was asked about the treatment he received for the bruise.
"Ice? I'm not a big believer in ice unless I'm hurt,'' Peavy said, sounding like some nameless cowboy out of a Clint Eastwood movie. "I didn't even ice it to be honest with you.''
OK, so he doesn't believe in ice.
But he does believe in his organization, and he made that very evident after his spring debut in the 10-7 win over Los Angeles.
"I'll tell you this, we can be the favorite to win it or we can finish last, but I promise you this, the 25 guys we break camp with believe that we are the favorites,'' Peavy said. "We never take the field feeling like an underdog. Whether that's right or wrong, I don't know, but I believe it.
"When [teammate] John Danks pitches, he believes he's going to win, whether he's facing C.C. Sabathia or a call-up. That's the way you have to take the mound and that's what I love about this team, the attitude of this team, and it starts from [board chairman] Jerry [Reinsdorf] to [general manager] Kenny [Williams] to our manager [Ozzie Guillen]. That's fun to be a part of and I've never been a part of anything like this.''
As a matter of fact, Peavy went out of his way to praise his owner, and the more he spends time with Reinsdorf this spring, the better he's feeling about champagne showers in October.
"We spoke very briefly a couple times last year and then sat down a couple time this spring, but Jerry seems to be a great owner - hands on,'' Peavy said. "It's great to see your owner in the clubhouse, it's great to see your owner have lunch with the players. I think that's fun for the players, when the players see the boss, and see how passionate he is for the game, it makes you want to win for him.
"When you hear Jerry Reinsdorf talk, he talks about winning the championship. When you hear your owner speak like that it trickles down and makes everyone else have the same tunnel vision.''
A far cry from what Peavy was feeling as a member of the Padres.
"It's nice being part of an organization that if we're winning, we're making money and people are showing up, we can definitely make another move, I don't think that's ever been the mindset of the team I've been on,'' he continued. "That's in no way knocking San Diego because I love that place and love my time there, but just didn't have the resources that we have here and just didn't have the personnel on the field most of the time that we have here. That's fun as a player.''
As far as what Peavy accomplished in his debut, surviving the first-inning comebacker that missed his head by about six inches, hitting his left shoulder, was the most important. Three scoreless to go along with two hits and three strikeouts was just icing on the cake.
Anyway, Peavy has bigger goals in mind than Cactus League play.
"I'm as excited as I have ever been about any season I've been a part of,'' Peavy added. "Honestly, I believe this team can win the World Series. If we're healthy, I'll take our chances. Will we be the favorites? Probably not. But can we win 11 games in the postseason and hoist a World Series Championship trophy? Absolutely we can.''

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But he gritty like Erstad? Does he have swagger like Swisher? Or is he actually, you know, a good player?

if you have any doubt of whether peavy is a good player, you're either 9 and just started following baseball, or need to stop following it immediately.

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