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Welcome to the dog house Dayan!

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dayan-viciedo.jpgGLENDALE, Ariz. - It may have only been a "B'' Game on Monday morning, but Dayan Viciedo got the regular-season wrath from not only general manager Ken Williams, but manager Ozzie Guillen.
The young Cuban didn't run a ball out against the Dodgers, leading to Williams yelling at him from the stands.
Guillen spoke to Viciedo on the matter, and said the message was received.
"I was [upset], too,'' Guillen said. "I was more upset than Kenny was. We don't put up with that stuff here. And we don't like players playing like that. Especially like a kid who just played Double-A last year. Especially the way the minor league kids are playing right now, the way they're playing well and hustling.
"I talked to him in the dugout before Kenny came down. I talked to him in the dugout after Kenny came down and he promised me it won't happen again. It's something that I make very clear in spring training. I don't care if we play a D game or if we play against the coaches. We play for a reason. And the reason is to play good, no matter who you play. He made a mistake. Hopefully he learns from that mistake and I don't expect that to happen again and you move on.
"He knows he did a wrong thing. And it will be a better thing for him next time.''

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