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'Twitter-Gate' over ... for now

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pg2_a_guillen01_300.jpgGLENDALE, Ariz. - The White Sox might not lead the league in wins over the last decade, but no team in baseball has more "Gates'' as the traveling circus from the South Side.
Who could forget "Shoulder-gate'' back in 2001? Then there was the ruckus that "Blow-up Doll-Gate'' caused in 2008.
A little damage control here, an apology there, they all seem to disappear. It became evident on Saturday that "Twitter-Gate'' would as well.
"I feel free now,'' Oney Guillen insisted before the Cactus League game with San Diego.
His father, manager Ozzie Guillen, also felt his son was free after the elder Guillen instructed his son to resign from his position in the Sox video department on Friday morning in the wake of the organization coming down on the 24-year-old Oney about critical remarks he had made on his Twitter account.
Guillen did not want to meet with the media when he left the facility following Friday's loss to the Cubs, but with time to cool and think it over, he was not at a loss for words Saturday morning.
"I told him to resign myself,'' Ozzie Guillen said. "They didn't fire him. That came from me. From his father to say, 'Listen, I think it's time to move on and walk away.' I want to just think about my ballclub and put everything behind and worry about to win games and lose games. I think I owe 20-30 guys out there respect. To my players, the whole organization, they deserve some respect and don't have to deal with a bunch of crap behind this thing.''
The obvious issue that Guillen had to address was where he stands with general manager Ken Williams. The relationship between the two had been described as brotherly in the past, but that was before this offseason. An offseason in which the two have not agreed on player personnel, an Ozzie Guillen website and now tweets from Guillen's middle son.
"I hope our relationship stays the same and I think it will be,'' Guillen said. "Kenny and I are grown men. I expect you guys to just leave Kenny alone. It's going to be a White Sox soap opera and I don't want that [bleep]. Just let Kenny worry about taking care of this ballclub and bring me good players, that's it. Let's go move on and win. The only thing that's going to make this thing better is winning and I think we have a great opportunity to win this thing.
"Kenny's my boss, he's always going to be and I respect that. I don't think [Yanks GM Brian] Cashman and [former New York manager] Joe Torre got along that well and they won six [bleeping] championships.''
At the same time, Guillen was acting every bit the father.
Asked about Oney's tweets, Guillen said, "I thought they were funny.''
And the one about the food being awful at Market - a restaurant that Williams has a stake in?
"My wife told Kenny right in his face how terrible the food was,'' Guillen said. "The thing that bothers me is a couple of things [Oney] said, about [bench coach] Joey [Cora], it was funny but people take it the wrong way. We made a couple of errors and he made fun of Joey.''
The Guillen boys are like family to Cora, but people on the outside might not have known that.
As far as Oney is concerned, his biggest complaint was the way the organization had "spies'' monitoring his account, but no one said anything to him face-to-face before Friday.
"They talk about family atmosphere and being up front, where was it?'' Oney said. "No one ever came and talked to me about it face-to-face. No one approached me like a man, after they supposedly preach that here.''
Good news for the Guillens, Oney could have a bigger role at The Score-670 AM now, already scheduled to host a Sunday night show with older brother, Ozzie Jr. That could be bad news for the Sox front office, who at least can sleep a bit easier knowing the entire show is in Spanish.
"Of my three kids, I think Oney is like me,'' Guillen said. "He says [bleep]. He says what he feels.''
Williams spoke to reporters on Saturday, but made the decision not to speak to the Sun-Times.
So for now, the latest drama seems to be over. Well, at least until "Book-Gate.''
"I don't write my book until I'm done with baseball,'' Guillen added. "If I write my book now, a lot of people are going to hate me.''

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