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South Side, we have a problem - Oney steps down, Ozzie steps out!

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ozzie31.jpgGLENDALE, Ariz. - Forget smoke, now there's fire.
Since Ozzie Guillen started talking at the age of two, he is yet to walk away from an awaiting media.
But there was the manager on Friday, walking through the facility of Camelback Ranch, shades covering his eyes, looking past the collection of cameras and tape recorders gathered outside of the doors of his office.
The manager's face was dead stoic.
He was walking out a dad.
There have been signs the past two months that Guillen and general manager Ken Williams haven't been on the same page at times, starting with Williams admitting he was "uncomfortable'' with Guillen's DH-by-committee plan all the way to a Guillen website - approved by MLB - hitting a wall in the front office and being scrapped.
Now, the two don't even appear to be in the same phone book.
It started Friday morning with Oney Guillen, the middle son of the three and an employee of the Sox in the scouting and video end of things, being called into the principal's office for his Twitter account. According to an Oney Tweet on Wednesday, the Sox had been monitoring what he says, and weren't exactly pleased with it.
Oney wrote, "I love it how people are monitoring my tweets like I'm someone important. Everyone is entitled to there[sic] own opinion.''
According to a source, Williams wanted Oney to stop twittering or at least tone it down. Rather than get into a back and forth, Oney then made the decision to simply resign. The source did say that things were heated, however.
Obvious, by what was later tweeted by Oney throughout the day:
"Remember this day march 19 2010. Mark my words'' and then "I hope the dorks aren't running the organization or else were f-----. 3 geeks who never played baseball a day in there life telling experts what to do''
After the loss to the Cubs, the drama continued, as Williams had a lengthy conversation with Guillen's wife, Ibis, outside the facility. Meanwhile, Ozzie Guillen sent a tweet out that read: "Hey kid we are behind you. No matter what''
Guillen also tweeted later on that he wanted to apologize to the Chicago media for the blow-off, and
"Hope this doesn't affect our relationship.''
Williams was asked to comment on all that went on, and simply texted "No need for comment.''
That was a far cry from last week, when he was asked about the website roadblock and responded, "Don't ask me another question about Twitter, websites, blog, radio shows, non [sic] of that [bleep]. All I care about is players playing, coaches coaching and managers managing. If they do that and do it well, we got no problems, but if they don't ... ''
So with all the social media dueling going on, where exactly does this leave the Guillen-Williams relationship? After all, the two have had their battles before and overcome them.
But this is different now, this is family.
Anyone that knows the Guillens also knows that they are as tight-knit a family as there is. You pick on one of the three Guillen boys - right or wrong - and you can bet daddy lion will do everything he can to protect the cubs.
The Sox have earned the reputation as an organization that put the fun in dysfunction. That was before Friday.
You can go ahead and flip the switch to DEFCON 1, because if things go poorly on the field this year, the brotherly relationship that Williams and Guillen once shared could reach explosive proportions.
That's the shame in all of this, that it reached this level.
The Sox have a chance to do something special this season, but yet they have members of the organization more concerned with controlling the message and monitoring the tweets of a 24-year-old.
Did Oney Guillen cross the line with his tweets before Friday? Not really, when you take them in the context from which they came.
"Why do people give a s--- about me. I'm not famous at all. Its not important or relevant'' Oney tweeted late Friday afternoon.
Obviously, members of the Sox organization felt otherwise. A dangerous decision, considering they are now messing with the face of the organization.
The Sox weren't World Series winners until Ozzie came aboard. They knew what they were getting with him, and that means the entire package, family and all.
Friday evening, Ozzie sent out another tweet, this one is Spanish. Translated it read: "They touched me where it hurts me the most, but I have to be ready for what comes like I've always done.''
He sounded just like a dad.

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Good for Ozzie - blood is thicker than water and he did what any dad would do - back up his son!!! I have even more respect for the man now.

I follow Oney on Twitter, and just don't understand what the ruckus is about. I've not seen him post anything that should raise eyebrows. Obviously someone in the Sox's front office is a bit on the anal side.

Remember this day? Mark my words? You don't think dear old dad would step down in support of his son do you?

I think it was his comments about kobe and ben roethlisberger. He tweeted with @cst_sox and called them "sex freaks", and derogatory terms. Seriously though, this kid needs to realize that he's 24, and in a great position in life (compared to all other 24 year olds), do what your bosses tell you, and shut up.

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