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Ozzie upset that Oney went on the radio - The players? Next!

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OZZIE-GUILLEN-CITIZEN.jpgSURPRISE, Ariz. - The core group of White Sox players?
Distraction proof.
Some members of the Sox front office? Not so much, evident by the on-going saga between Oney Guillen and the organization Ozzie Guillen's middle son used to work for.
"As a rule of thumb, twice a month something is going to come up,'' team captain Paul Konerko said Monday, when asked about possible distractions that have come in the wake of "TwitterGate.'' "Sometimes it's back-to-back in a week, sometimes every other week, but if you're a White Sox player you just kind of prepare that it's not boring around here and things kind of pop up. That's just the way it is. There's always some controversies that pop up here that are a little different than most teams, but that's the way we roll here.''
It was Friday that Oney Guillen was asked to resign by his father, Ozzie, after the club had confronted the manager on what they felt was criticism coming from his son's Twitter account. On Monday morning, Oney first appeared on The Score's Mully and Hanley show to talk about the controversy, and again, didn't pull his punches.
"This has been boiling over for the last couple years now with tensions from certain people, and I think what happened is my dad let me know that he didn't want me to be there because it would make it uncomfortable for him because of what they were asking from me,'' Oney told the station. "I was going to be under a microscope and be held to different standards, and my dad felt for us as a family, and for me, I just walk away. I agree with him 100 percent.''
Later, he was asked who exactly in the organization was first upset this spring that Ozzie Guillen had started to Twitter, and replied, "[GM] Kenny [Williams], [VP of Communications] Scott [Reifert], I'm sure [assistant GM] Rick Hahn will say he didn't have nothing to do with anything because he's always involved but when you ask him I guess he just goes behind peoples' back and says whatever.''
Not only was Ozzie Guillen upset that Oney went on the radio after he told him not to talk about it anymore, but was even more ticked that Hahn had the bus driven over him.
"I do mind,'' Ozzie Guillen replied when asked if he minded Oney going on the air. "I talked to him over the phone, but I have to respect his opinion. I'm the last person that can tell people what to say. In the meanwhile, he put some people on the spot. I know for a fact that this will be the last time he talks about this because I still have a little power over my kids.
"In the meanwhile, he said what he had to say, maybe people don't like what he said, it can go either way. I just told him it's over with, you expressed yourself, you took this thing off your chest.''
Guillen went onto say, "He's 24-years-old, he's a grown man, he doesn't work for the organization anymore, but for now he has to respect where his daddy works, and to me this is a temple and this temple has to be respected.''
Guillen again brought up the fact that the last thing he wanted was this to be a distraction to his players, but he need not worry about that.
"Obviously we know what happened, I don't know all the details, but I don't think it affects us on the field at all one way or the other,'' catcher A.J. Pierzynski said. "I'm sure Ozzie is upset, I'm sure Oney is upset, I'm sure Kenny and Jerry [Reinsdorf] are upset that it got put out publicly, but it doesn't mean anything to the team as far as I'm concerned. It's always one thing or another around here and the guys that have been around are used to it. We deal with it and move on.''
Pierzynski also said that Oney wouldn't be viewed any differently by the players, even ones he criticized in the past.
"I'm friendly with Oney,'' the catcher said. "I hope he can still wrangle up the money to go to Wrestlemania with me now that he's out of a job.
"You never want to see stuff like that made public and become a pissing match in the newspaper, which is what it has become.''
For the last time as far as Ozzie Guillen was concerned.
"He feels betrayed by some people in the White Sox, and that's his own opinion,'' Guillen added. "White Sox didn't fire my kid, I did. If they want to give him a second chance, third chance, fourth chance, I don't believe in that. I did it to set an example. We have to respect our bosses. When you are paid by one club, you have to respect that.''
So what's next?
"You let it pass,'' Konerko added. "Something will happen in the next week or two that will move us on from it - print it.''

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