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Ozzie calling it quits? Yeah, 'as soon as [Jerry Reinsdorf] dies.'

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Guillen, Ozzie 7.jpgGLENDALE, Ariz. - This latest birthday wish brought to you by manager Ozzie Guillen.
"As soon as he dies, I'll get the [bleep] out,'' the White Sox skipper insisted on Thursday.
And just like that, Guillen was offering up a happy 74th to his boss, and the organization's board chairman, Jerry Reinsdorf. But in doing so, he also put to rest the idea that he will be leaving his managerial post anytime soon.
It seems like once a year, Guillen tells a media outlet that he's about to call it quits, but Guillen cleared the air and made it very evident that he is with the Sox until they fire him or "as long as Jerry is still alive.''
It might not be what Guillen critics want to here. Frankly, Guillen doesn't care.
"I think one guy I'm praying to stay alive the most is him,'' Guillen said. "I think I love Jerry, and he knows it, he's like a father to everyone here.
"He's not just my boss. I think the reason I have a great life and the reason why I really take care of all my family is because of him. He means a lot to us. I thank God for my dad but I think my real dad is Jerry. He spent the most money (on) me. My dad gave me a couple dollars - Jerry's made me rich.''
As far as perspective teams that want to make a play for Guillen to manager their club when his contract runs out after 2012?
"I don't think anybody out there has enough money to buy myself to go someplace else,'' Guillen added. "I don't think I'm going to walk away from here for any reason - for better money or better team or better town.''

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It might not be what Guillen critics want to here. Frankly, Guillen doesn't care.
Nice Chiacago Sun-Times, nice.

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