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Williams not sweating over Jenks

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Tigers-White-Sox-Baseball.jpgKen Williams is calling the Bobby Jenks offseason saga a dead story.
Obviously, his barrel-chested closer didn't get the memo.
Jenks expressed to the Sun-Times in late November that he felt that he was put on an island by the club, specifically because of what Jenks felt was unfair treatment of him on the conditioning front in the wake of a few comments manager Ozzie Guillen made. It was the second time since the end of the season that Jenks publicly aired his dirty laundry.
"From the Ozzie thing, did I feel I was being picked on? No,'' Jenks told the paper. "But I felt I was the easy scapegoat because I had struggled in the end with some nagging injuries. This organization, just like most in this game, tell you, 'Come in, our door is open and tell us what's on your mind,' and when you do they turn it around on you and make you feel bad. They're playing on your own words. They want you to come in, be honest and then they turn it around.''
While Williams hadn't spoken to Jenks, he didn't feel like this was enough of an issue where he had to.
"He said what he had to say, we said what we had to say in regards to that,'' Williams said in a Friday teleconference. "He understands how we feel, it's in his best interest how we feel and what we feel, and once we get to spring training, we're all on the same page. Be out there in [camp] the best shape you can be to help yourself and that helps the club.
"Nothing said publicly has not been said behind closed doors. We deal with the players right between the eyes. That some of that got out in the public, we keep our head down and keep moving forward.''
But with or without Jenks?
Trade rumors about Jenks started during the last Winter Meetings, and with the right-hander arbitration eligible and standing to make between $7-$8 million in 2010, well, guess who remains the poster boy for Sox hot stove rumors?
"I haven't had any conversation in regards to trading Bobby Jenks, and that's not to say I wouldn't," Williams said of the speculation. "But we value him here. Now again, this is the same stance I've taken since Day One sitting in this chair. If the right opportunity presents itself, we'll travel down this road.''
Considering the fragility of the Sox bullpen, however, that might want to stay a road unexplored by the club. Matt Thornton has the makeup to move into the closer role if they lose Jenks, but the rest of the backend of the bullpen is an enigma.
"We've got bullpen pieces that have already proven themselves and done so at the major-league level,'' Williams added of that unit. "Would we like to add to that, yes, but that's not inconsistent to when we won titles.''

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