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Ozzie on everything Sox

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ozzie-guillen_p1.jpgINDIANAPOLIS - Ozzie Guillen at the Winter Meetings:

On being busy here:

"I talked to Jerry [Reinsdorf], I haven't even talked to Kenny [Williams] yet. We don't have to. Kenny, myself, our staff, we don't have to have meetings to know what we want or what Kenny wants. To me, this isn't the Winter Meetings for us. I don't think Kenny needs the Winter Meetings to make deals. Do we have a few spaces to cover, yes.''

On the leadoff:

"The one, and he's not a typical leadoff hitter, is Gordon [Beckham]. Gordon takes a lot of pitches there, he knows what he's doing, he's not going to panic. He can run a little bit, but I don't think he can steal bases the way we want him to, but I always say, the leadoff hitter, I don't care how many bases you can steal, you've got to be on base. I'd rather have a guy get on base than a guy that steals 100 bases, but is never there.''

"Last year, I think our leadoff hitter on Opening Day was Wise.''

Are the Sox the best team in division:

"On paper, I have the best five starters. The best team, I don't know. I think we can take a little bit advantage of Detroit because right now the player we most feared when we faced them was [Placido] Polanco. A lot of people talk about Cabrera, Magglio, Inge, but to me Polanco has hurt our ballclub a lot. Right now, we look pretty good.''

On Bobby Jenks trade rumors:

"Up to right now, Bobby Jenks is on our ballclub. Matt Thornton, yes he can [be the closer]. A lot of people don't believe that he can be a closer. I want to make it clear about Bobby - I said it a few weeks ago. When you have a body like Bobby, and you don't pitch well for one week, everyone thinks it's because you're big ... I don't want to say the name fat. But when you're good, no one looks at that. Not just Bobby, that's everyone.''

"Everyone knows we love this kid. We went though a lot of things with Bobby behind the scenes and he knows how much we love him, how much we support him. Does he have to take care of himself? Well, he should know that because he can make another $30 or $40 million in his career.''

Have you spoken to him?

"When the game is over, I don't talk to anyone. I talked to J.D. [Jermaine Dye] a couple times, but when you have a long summer, I don't want to talk to any of them.''

On Matsui rumors:

"I like what I see in the World Series, yeah. He's got to play the outfield for a little while. I never tell Kenny who to sign and who to release - well a couple guys to release. I told Kenny, 'Hey, I don't want this guy at the ballpark.' And there's one guy where I said to Kenny, 'Hey, can we keep this guy?' And that was Kotsay.''

On Jake Peavy:

"Every time Peavy pitched last year, our ballclub was hungry. I don't know why that is, maybe the way he goes about his business. He's heavy duty.''

What went wrong with Rios:

"Everything. He was in a tough situation because I had to rotate the outfield. Playing in Chicago when you're in a pennant race, it was tough on him. He tried to do too much. Having him here from the beginning, see how we do spring training, he'll relax a little more.''

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