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No salary arbitration for Dye, Dotel, Pods and Castro

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BDD_JD_chisox_7_29_07_ap.jpgJermaine Dye gave up on the idea of somehow returning to the Sox beyond the 2009 season in late September.
So it was no shock whatsoever that the paperwork for the breakup between the White Sox and the outfielder continued on Tuesday when the club announced that they will not offer salary arbitration to Dye, outfielder Scott Podsednik, reliever Octavio Dotel or backup catcher Ramon Castro by the midnight deadline.
What it means is the Sox won't receive any drafts picks as compensation should Dye or Dotel - both Type A free agents - sign with another team. Podsednik and Castro didn't fall into that category.
As for Dye, he told the Sun-Times last month that he had already been receiving calls from at least eight major-league teams and wasn't ruling anyone out.
There was a report that the New York Yankees denied that they had interest in Dye, but that was seemingly the Bronx Bombers trying to work under the radar, especially because someone familiar with the talks said that New York had even requested the medical reports on Dye.
Texas was an early favorite, but would want the veteran to take a majority of his at-bats in the designated-hitter role. A scenario that Dye has all but said no way to.
Boston, St. Louis and San Francisco have each kicked the tires as well.

NOTE: The Sox also announced the early lineup for SoxFest 2010, with players like Freddy Garcia, Jake Peavy, Jayson Nix, A.J. Pierzynski, Alexei Ramirez and Matt Thornton locked in to attend.
Coincidentally, Bobby Jenks' name was not listed, despite the fact that the closer actually is the one player that lives in Chicago in the offseason.
Jenks and the Sox have not seen eye-to-eye with his conditioning, with both sides expressing that in the Sun-Times two weeks ago.

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What about Reed Johnson for the outfield, leadoff and rotating DH spot? The guy's a terrific fielder, plays hard and seems to be a good clutch hitter. He certainly excites me more than the corpulent Andruw Jones.
Also, with our bullben so thin, can we really afford to jetison Jenks? Thornton is a rare, tremendously valuable commodity in the set-up role and may not be mentally prepared to be a closer. I think that we need to tread lightly in this area.

bobby jenks skipped out on last year's soxfest after originally indicating he would go so it's not much of a surprise he won't be there this year either.

Reed Johnson??! Another "grindy" white guy that dives around the field, but that ultimately doesn't help his team win games. He is NOT a "terrific fielder". In fact he's garbage, with a UZR rating of -0.7 last year.

Andruw Jones hasn't hit for average since 2006. Just what Sox need another guy in lineup hitting around Mendoza line. Dye look like he was ready to leave right after all star break. Good luck to Dye on finding a club that will pay him same salary he got in 09. Castro & Dotel pretty much are done . Pod had a decent year offensively but base running & defense he is below average. Be interesting to see if Pod can find a team that will pay him the $ he wants? I'm sure KW has a deal or two b4 Sox head to the valley in Feburary .

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