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Vintage Ken Williams

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520x.jpgAsked on Wednesday if he takes any consolation knowing that his team will likely be favorites to win the Central Division in 2010, general manager Ken Williams fired off these beauties.
"That doesn't take away the sting that I feel right now,'' he stated. "That doesn't take away the churning of my stomach.
"When you can beat the New York Yankees three-out-of-four, Anaheim two-of-three and then Cleveland comes into town and you lose two-out-of-three, Baltimore comes in and you lose two-out-of-three, you beat the Boston Red Sox three-of-four, almost sweep, and you go on a road trip and do nothing. Then you come back and the Oakland A's pound you ... no, none of what I see ahead takes away the beat down I feel right now. [Bleep] no.''
As far as the blame game he's heard coming from Ozzie Guillen the last few days, well, Williams wasn't impressed one way or the other that his manager has chosen to be the one to fall on the sword.
Guillen has gone on the offensive as far as protecting his players and coaching staff, insisting on Monday and Tuesday that he should be the one that's fired, and "when one country is not running well they don't blame anybody, but they blame the president. Well I am the president of this ballclub. I am the face of this ballclub.''
"That's just the thing to say,'' Williams said. "Everybody says ... everybody on the losing teams say that this time of year. That's just the thing to say, it's a sports cliché.''

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Forget the talk that the Sox are now 6.5 games back of the Tigers. The Sox are 8 games back in the loss column. And as my dad always tells me, and he is correct, it's losses that are the bottom line because these games are gone forever and cannot be won back.

Why does Kenny continue to talk more than all other GMs in this town combined?

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