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Source says coaches and Williams all signed extensions

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blacklikepanther.jpgFor all the White Sox fans that have been waving the torches and calling for the heads of the coaching staff, it isn't going to happen.
Ken Williams all but settled that on Wednesday, as the general manager met with the media for almost 30 minutes to discuss a 2009 season gone very wrong, and the promise the organization has heading into 2010.
Minutes after Williams spoke, a source confirmed that all of the coaches that had contracts up after this season - specifically hitting coach Greg Walker, pitching coach Don Cooper, bench coach Joey Cora and first base coach Harold Baines - had or were in the process of signing extensions thought to take the staff through 2011.
There was also whispers that Williams recently inked an extension that will keep him the Sox GM through 2012 - the same length of Ozzie Guillen's deal - but Williams replied in a text that he would not comment on that.
"I don't discuss my contract status,'' Williams wrote. "Never have and always looked at it as a year-by-year thing.''
He did talk openly about a coaching staff that did draw some heat this year, however, specifically Walker.
"Listen, he's doing everything he can to get the hitters in a proper mindset, the proper hitting position, to have success,'' Williams said. "We give them information from advanced scouting, we have video capabilities to where the guys study not only their swing, but the opposition's pitcher. I've had conversation after conversation with Greg in terms of what he's teaching, how he's teaching it, he's open-minded to using the rest of the coaching staff, who are accomplished hitting guys in their own right, Harold Baines and Joey Cora and Ozzie as well as his input. So it's not a one-guy thing. I don't think you can put it on one guy.
"Listen, at the end of the day, it's the players that make you look smart or make you look dumb, and right now we're all not looking to smart. But we certainly have a lot to look up to.''
As far as the rest of the staff, they spent a good part of the afternoon in organizational meetings discussing what they all needed to do to get better.
"I got them all upstairs now right now and we're talking about the future as we speak,'' Williams added. "We're talking upstairs now, giving us all input and I expect everyone to be back. But Ozzie and I still have to reserve that official comment when Ozzie and I sit down and talk about the staff. We have not had one conversation about getting rid of anyone.''

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Kenny's afraid to fire anyone because he had as horrible a year as any of the coaches did, even's the same old broken record everytime the Sox fail...Ozzie says "blame me" because he knows he's untouchable, so in reality nobody gets blamed...Sox are 268-285 since the 06 All Star Break..organization has been adrift for 3 1/2 years..2 out of the last 3 seasons have been unwatchable...we've got big problems

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