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Ozzie's 'Falling Down' moment - he's ticked!

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ozzie-guillen-choke.jpgSEATTLE - Ozzie has had enough.
Here is Guillen in the post-game of the 4-3 14th-inning heartbreak.
"I'm only going to say two things,'' Guillen said. "I'm tired and I don't have anything ... it was two-and-a-half hours of satisfaction and then two-and-a-half hours of horse[bleep] baseball. Go an ask them. I don't have any more quotes, seriously. What the [bleep] am I going to say? They horse[bleep]? Yes, they are.''
Guillen then walked into the clubhouse and made it a point - a very loud one - to say that there would be a lot of lineup changes [for Friday's game], and "If they give up on me, I give up on them.''

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I love this. He needs to talk to them like that. They are all a bunch of quitters. Keep Ozzie get rid of the whole team

Ozzie should be ticked but he has to take some of the blame. He let Rios swing away in extra innings with Getz on 1st and no one out instead of having him bunt or pinch hitting with a lefty to face the right handed pitcher. Not surprisingly after fouling off 1 pitch, he then proceeds to hit into a tailor-made DP. If Nix were up in that situation, he would have pinch hit for him in a heartbeat(which he's done many times this year), yet I'd rather have Nix up there everytime over Rios because he can hit the ball. Rios will prove to be one of the biggest mistakes in William's tenure. His salary will be a problem for this team going forward and will probably prevent us from getting better players in the future because of how much he's paid and how little he will produce. Ozzie's been trying to protect the guy cause he's in a "new situation during a penant race"... PLEASE! most guys want to come over and join a team in a penant race... see Mark Kotsay! The sad thing is Rios not only hurt our chances for this year, but will continue to do so for the 4 or 5 more years on his ridiculous contract!

Why shouldn't ozzie be ticked off. These guys are a bunch of quitters and losers asnd are not even listening to ozzie and definitely not listening to kenny (the boss man) who stated that they better not dissapoint him. It's time to turn the hands around and improve our bullpen by getting rid of linebrink, dotel and jenks who can't save a ball game if it was in his own back yard. Ozzie should be frustrated because this problem with our guys happens every single year at this same time when they decide to fold or shut down at the end of the season or when the playoffs come near. Ozzie is tired of losing. I say that it's time to start kotsay and nix for next year and use the rest of the young blood rotting and sitting in the dugout. Sox fans get tired of seeing the same old crap every year and watching a good team get washed down the drain "I do." Sox 2010 HOPEFULLY.

Again i'm right the sox are letting the season slip right through their fingers and they don't care. Their not listening to ozzie or kenny and just want to finish as losers. After losing two series and then come home and get shut out 11-0, 14 games to go here's the solution. "Just stay home." The team's not winning and they're basically waiting for the season to end so why should they care. They have no heart, spirit, motivation or desire to compete. just wait for next year and hope they don't have another mechanical break down like they do every year at this time. The season's over the sox QUIT on us the fans so they might as well earn the rest of their money for the remaining 14 games. Next year 2010.

Put me at the top of the the list on the Rios-Haters Fan Club.How could Kenny be so stupid with this "cancer" of a ballplayer?For the way Dye has hit and Jenk's love for blowing saves,be interresting to see how the off-season "plays out" for them.

HA! Wait till next year!! Go Twins!!!

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