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Ozzie being Ozzie ... again

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Ozzie-Guillen-R.jpgCLEVELAND - Ozzie Guillen interviews never get old.
The latest?
Guillen was asked about regrets from this season and had this to say:

"The only thing I regret, I don't think Jose [Contreras] and [Bartolo] Colon were ready enough to help us [out of spring camp],'' Guillen said. "That's what I thought. We brought them up to the big leagues so fast because we were desperate about who was the best guy we were going to take to be a starter. That's the one thing. I think Gordon [Beckham] should be in the big leagues. Besides that, we really thought the problem in the outfield would be resolved, the third base problem would be resolved with Josh [Fields]. Things didn't go the way they should be. One thing is those two guys weren't ready. Besides that, we just didn't play the way we should.''

He was then asked about what was left to play for, and had this gem:

"We got to go there and compete. That's the reason I was pissed Saturday. It seemed like we didn't compete and 'Ok, let's go through the season.' That's not the way to approach it because if we want it, like put this game over with, how about sending the money we make to Jerry [Reinsdorf] and Kenny [Williams]? I say, 'We're not going to play to win. Here's your money back and play to get the season over with.' If you're going to think that way, then give the money back to those guys. Myself, and my coaching staff. If I sit here and say I don't care what happens today, then look yourself in the mirror and you should be embarrassed because you're getting paid a lot to being here and you got to going through the season. I don't want to go through the motions. I don't care. I don't care what those guys think. I'm not going to go through the motions. I make the same move I made against Detroit that I go against Cleveland. Obviously, with Cleveland, I'm going to have a chance to play the kids. That's the only difference. We go to Detroit and it depends how they are. We'll go by the way we should. Right now, we got six games left and we have to win those six games. For what? Who cares. But we got to win those six games or be prepared. We still have people in the stands. We have fans watching the game. No matter what you play, you got to play for something. One thing about it, play for pride and thank God you're playing baseball now.''

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Ozzie was always one of my favorite balls players but I am not quite the fan of his as a strategic manager. Over the years he has indicated a number of times how much he loves the type of ball the Twins play, small ball, yet when he has the opportunity to play small ball, especially bunting, seldom does it happen.
In the recent Twins series where they were swept they were losing 3-0 in the 3rd inning. Lead off man gets a hit, no sacrfice to move him to second...double play. Twins lead off with a double and then sacrifice the runner to 3rd where he scores on a sacrifice fly, now 4-0.
In that 13-5 loss to the Tigers although we had a 5-0 lead, we had the lead off man get on base in 5 consecutive innings with no outs. Not once in those 5 situations did Ozzie have the next batter sacrfice the runner to second and we hit into 5 double plays. On two of those occasions the next batter was Scott Posednick, maybe their best bunter. While he may not sacrifice bunt as well as he bunts for base hits, he either never attempted to bunt or was never ordered by Ozzie to bunt. True we scored 5 runs but maybew could have scored 6 or 7 runs and changed the whole outcome of the game.
This is virtually the same pattern since Ozzie was manager. He was an excelllent bunter but as a manager he just does not seem to use that strategy. He should have been angry at himself after the game for failing to use good strategy thoughout the game.


Joe - you've become bitter covering the white sox at such an early age. I know they've mostly been bad but do your job...

If you're bored, make up one of those trade rumors again...

I am deep disgusted by Ozzie's management capabilities. I think the guy should be a team player and stop blaming the team for a disappointing year. He is the leader, he is to blame.

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