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Oz being Oz

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ozzie-guillen-choke.jpgANAHEIM, Calif. - The best of Ozzie from Saturday:

Guillen on his hitters failing to beat pitchers they have seen for the first time - "I mean you're not going to take anything away from the pitching staffs that we've faced, but we've been facing some pitchers this year it's like, 'Who the [expletive] is this guy? They don't even belong in the [bleeping] big leagues and they just kicked our ass.' I'm not going to lie to anybody. I know who beat us and I know who should beat us. We've faced some guys where they've called him up, faced us, and get him back to [bleeping] Double A, get the [bleep] out of here. That's how bad we've been.''

Guillen on Alex Rios - "What have I seen from Rios? A lot of outs. The only batting ninth guy making $5 million was me. This mother [bleeper] is making $10, $12, $14 million, he ain't going to be batting ninth [in 2010]. I'm going to make sure he earns his money. But right now I have to put him there because he's struggling. Next year, if we have Rios batting ninth we're in deep [crap] once again.''

Guillen on his lineup - "I wish somebody ... I mean whoever swings the bat better is in the first three, [Scott] Podsednik, [Gordon] Beckham and A.J. [Pierzynski] right now, but after that, God. [Alexei] Ramirez has been up and down, but it's tough because you want to get those guys going. Like [Alex] Rios, 'OK, let's move Rios down to relax a little bit, don't let him carry the load.' [Chris] Getz, we can hit and run with him down in the lineup. We do so many things to try and help them mentally.
"I put J.D. [Jermaine Dye] down at six and it didn't help. And when this team doesn't score, this team looks very, very, very bad. Very slow, no energy, but it's not because we don't have that, it's because we're not hitting. When we hit it's like, 'Oh, OK here we go.' ''

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I really hope this keeps the fire going

God bless this guy.Loved him comments on Rios.Too bad he couldn't run for Governor and restore some integrity to the State.

Ozzie = idiot. One week he says it's all his fault and the next week he starts ripping on his players. He lost this team when he 'guaranteed' Contreras was going to the bullpen and he then started him his next time out.

The whole coaching staff is out of whack. Apparently Greg Walker can never be blamed for anything, ever. It's sad when Hawk is pointing out all the issues with Rios' stance and swing from the booth and nothing changes. Meanwhile, I don't know how many runs we've wasted and run out of innings by playing heads or tails with the runner on 3rd.

Then you have the mistakes all around the bases and terrible defense (which isn't a shock when you're playing too many guys out of position). The players shouldn't escape blame but the problems start from above. Should we be mad at Dewayne Wise when he hits leadoff and does nothing or the guy who put him there?

Who's the idiot Sampson? He lost the team with the Contreras move? Shut up, they were playing horribly before that. And they have been playing good lately, so maybe you should revise your BS statement.

I laugh at the Sox. From Kenny Williams, to Oz, to Hawk, and even AJ the organization is full of quick-trigger, loud-mouth, over-reacting nut cases.

...and too bad about Urlacher. I love watching him play...even against the Vikes.

Actually James, now I can lump you into that list. A team playing badly doesn't automatically mean the coach has lost them. Welcome home.

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