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Guillen unhappy with fundamentals

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ozzieguillen.jpgOz on his team's fundamentals

"Spring training is going to be a little better because we know what we have, and know what we have to work on every day to play the way we want to play,'' Guillen said.
One bad habit that has evidently been going on with very little attention to it has been too many players missing signs. A no-no for a team that has to compete against the likes of the fundamentally sound Minnesota Twins.
"We cannot continue to miss signs,'' Guillen said. "We cannot continue to try and hit-and-run and hit a foul ball. We cannot continue to miss bunts. Little by little we've started getting better and better, but that's going to be our main thing in spring training - make sure we do the little things right day in and day out. If we do that we won't go into slumps like we do this year. We're not going to be in a slump because someone will do something to break it up. We won't have to wait for the big boys to wake up all season long. You learn from it, and hopefully we continue to improve.''
So those new small bunting field that they had built at the new facility in Glendale, Ariz., well they are about to see a lot of action this spring.
"There's going to be more bunting,'' Guillen added. "There's going to be one station just hit-and-run. Game situation, just one for that, and then we'll hit. Because we're going to need it next year.
"This year was pretty bad. We may have a section for whoever is coaching third base, or Coxsy [Jeff Cox], you just stay with him for a half hour because I think we missed so many signs this year, it was unbelievable.''

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It is unbelievable to me that you have major league players who have not learned the fundamentals associated with bunting, specifically how to direct the ball toward third or first. Our guys contine to stab at the ball as opposed to letting the ball hit the bat. Truly unbelievable! Go Sox in 2010!

I would basically say that ozzie is right that this season has been a pain in the butt. The hitting slumps and base running errors and pitching has been terrible. Every year they or he says the same thing and no one proves the fans wrong. There is going to be a lot that the team has to learn and accomplish by next year because after the lost today " the season is over" so the players might as well continue to blow the rest of the games off and get ready to go home. Losing is what the sox are basically use and referring themselves back to old behavior and habits. Maybe better luck next year i hope it might get better.

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