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Dye knows final days are coming

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20060213-3_d-0569-515h.jpgThere was a time this season where Jermaine Dye was willing to rip up his current contract, forget the mutual option that was awaiting him this winter and sign a new deal at a hometown discount to keep him on the South Side.
Life for the White Sox outfielder was much different then, however. Specifically, he was carrying a .302 average to go along with 20 homers and 55 RBI heading into the All-Star Break.
The veteran is trying to survive, trying to show that he's not washed up at 35. And realistically, he now knows that this is his last homestand on the team he won a World Series with.
"I'm not concerned about that,'' Dye said about his fate now being all but sealed. "Whatever happens is going to happen. At this point you just want to try and get into a somewhat of a little bit of a groove before the season is over. Go into the offseason and see what happens.
"I've never struggled like this before, never had a whole half that has been nothing. Over the course of a career, I think that's pretty good. The five years I've been here I've had five pretty good years, and it just so happened that I struggled here at the end, we were fighting to get into the playoffs, and it's just the way it is.''
The struggling Dye was out of the starting lineup on Tuesday, unable to change the .168 second half he's had with just five homers and 19 RBI. A second half he has no explanation for.
"I have no clue,'' Dye said. "I put in the work and sometimes it doesn't work out. There's nothing wrong with the mechanics. When you struggle, the pitches you should hit you foul off. The pitches you take normally when you feel good they're balls, they're strikes now. When you struggle everything goes wrong. This second half it just didn't happen.''
It sounds more and more like the Sox will be strapped financially this winter, enough so that Plan A of Chone Figgins is already being moved to pipedream status. The idea of bringing Dye back is even less likely.
"Everyone is frustrated, not just the fans, everyone,'' Dye added. "Second half for me, for this whole team, especially in the month of September has been not good. We struggled.''

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wow as much as I like Dye it kills me to say that most likely he won't be back, with all this big contracts handed to Peavy and Rios there is just not enough money for Dye. But white sox fans cannot forget Dye and the '05 run it was incredible and still unbelieveble.

I want to emphasize the fact that Dye's stats are very, very GOOD! Check the last 5 years with the White Sox. As a fan base we need to grow up and not allow the press to ruin our perception of our players.
I agree it's time for Dye to move on, however I think he deserves some credit for at least keeping his composure and fighting until the end. I believe next year our Sox will be poised to win the division.
Next year we should have pitching, speed, defense and hopefully more POWER!

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