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What were you thinking Scott Podsednik?

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2009_04_scott_podsednik1.jpgSEATTLE - Ozzie Guillen on Podsednik getting picked off third base in the 10th inning with one out.
"Yeah, 'What are you thinking?' that's all you can say,'' Guillen responded, when asked was there anything you can even say to Podsednik about committing a cardinal sin of baseball. "You cant' even get mad at that play because you didn't expect that thing to happen at the big-league level. You expect everybody to know what they're doing and what is their role, how important it is, but he just, I guess he was thinking about something else.''

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I've always liked Scotty Pods, since he helped propel us to the World Series Championship and this season he's been the catalyst in at least keeping our division hopes alive. However, you really do have to question "what in the world was he thinking" last night? These are such critical games down the stretch and there's no excuse for a "rookie-type" mistake from a veteran. I do not know Pods personally. Is he kind of stupid? I hope not.

I am tired of Podsednik and his inability to put his speed to good use. He has been picked off on numerous occasions this year, negating his ability to get on base. And for all that speed he has his success rate at stealing bases pales in comparison to those for Getz, Nix and Ramirez. They have been thrown out only 6 times in 42 attempts while Pods has been caught 9 times out of 27. Additionally, Pods is a horrible outfielder who constantly gets bad jumps on balls, takes bad angles and drops many balls. Again, his speed is negated. He has personally been responsible or at the very least has played a major role in 4 or 5 losses this year with his bad defense and baserunning. I hope that when Dye is sufficiently rested and out of his slump that Pods is the odd man out in the outfield.

great night for a guy thrown out by ichiro on a 95 foot pop up and had someone picked off third base with 1 out...splendid..they should just have aj put on a batting helmet and coach third when he's not batting..

What were the coaches thinking especially Cox,sending nix home on a shallow fly ball to Ichiro after hynie bird and Stone were having org. talking about him how great he is,yes Pods shouldn;t have been picked off why the he$$ do you have coaches for, to inform,sorry its not all Pod;es fault,but for some reason he is sort of a scape goat for this team especially in the eyes of the hynie bird Harrelson,if anybody should go its him.

For a veteran with a World Series ring, Scott Podsednik should've known better and more aware before getting picked off in the 10th inning of last night's heartbreaker, a 1-0 loss in 14 innings to the Mariners in Seattle. Before Alex Rios arrived, Scott & Chris Getz, who was sidelined last night with a groin injury, were tied for the team lead in stolen bases with 18 before last night's game. When Getz comes back from the 15 day disabled list, see how #17 runs in comparison to #22. I think the way Podsednik runs the bases for a guy who's got more experience than Getz is inexcusable!

i guess that everyone has forgotten about how deadly pods has been on the bases in the previous seasons. the reason that he's getting shot down more often now is that pitchers and catchers alike are aware of just how dangerous he is on the base paths. sure getting picked was a stupid mistake, but seriously, i've seen worse. everyone just needs to get off his nuts for a minute and realize that he's a great player.

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