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Ozzie unchained

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guillen-ozzie080505.jpgNEW YORK - Here's what an honest manager sounds like after another dismal performance by his underachieving ballclub.
Ozzie Guillen, take it away:
"I'm embarrassed. And everybody in that room should be embarrassed. If they're not embarrassed, they got the wrong job or they're stealing money from baseball. I feel like I'm stealing the money from Jerry. And that's a shame. When you got more errors than hits, you better look yourself in the mirror and start second-guess yourself. But I'm second-guessing myself right now, making the wrong lineup every day. I second-guess myself bringing in the wrong guys to pitch. Second guess myself like we work so hard to put this team together, all the way from spring training and when I look on the field.
"I was looking at the Little League game this morning, 11 to 13, and they were playing better than we did. It was more fun. It gets to the point where you are a veteran player and I have a lot of respect for them, and you appreciate what they do for you in the past, but this is not major league baseball, sorry.
"I'm not going to take credit away from New York. They got great players out there. But the way we play, ... if we had a B game against us, we might tie. Nobody is going to win. I feel that way, and I hope my players and coaches feel the same way.
"If they don't feel the way I feel right now, they're full of [crap] because there's no doubt in my mind we're better than this. But I think it gets to the point where it is what it is. And my hope is getting less and less. It's a long mound, and the mound is getting higher and higher every night. And if we're going to climb to the top, maybe they need a cable car to get up there. But they're not going to walk up there. [Bleep] it. They don't. I'm not a loser or a negative guy, but I'm really realistic. That's my problem in the past when I'm so realistic and people get mad at me and they don't like the way I do stuff or the way I talk. Well, if you don't want me to talk that way, [bleepin'] play better.
"And I'm getting paid a lot of money to manage this club and I truly believe this - I'm stealing money from Jerry Reinsdorf right now. I come here, make the lineup, go to sleep and watch [bleeping] Little League games."
Asked what he could do to change things?
"Well, I wish I have no choice. I was making the lineup today and started to laugh. I just finished making the lineup minutes ago and started laughing because when you only got one hit and three errors, it's not easy to pencil people in. It's not. I want the players to understand my point because I'm the one who should be blamed. I'm the one who will take the blame, 100 percent, there's no doubt. But give me some reason to blame me. Give me some bullets to fight for you guys, some ammunition.
"After today's game, that's embarrassing. I don't take anything away from the kid starting the game. He threw good, a good sinker. He got a lot of ground balls. I don't take any credit away from him. Jose, I've been watching this one for the past three months. I wish I had another choice than Jose out there. Our choice was short, and Jose threw another bad game. That's all. I don't know if I'm going to say anything else.''

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Ozzie should feel the way he feels. Reason being is that he and management keep using contreras and why when they already know he's not capable of being in the major leagues. Contreras is DONE, HISTORY get him out of chicago. The team for itself like ozzie said should be embarassed of the way they're playing. One day they blow you out and the next three days they forget how to run, catch, hit and pitch. Maybe it's time for a revamp of the entire team and just start over with new guys. I believe they will not make the playoffs playing the way they're playing. Fans get tired of seeing the same old games and old habits of LOSING.

I'm sorry it has come to this. Thanks for 2005 Ozzie. Now, get out and take all the free-loading players and coaches with you. This season is just a complete disaster. Go Sox in 2010!

Hope Kenny Williams blows-up this hapless bunch of quitters sooner then later.For what it's worth,how awful are all his trades looking?

I have been waiting for this for a long, long time. It is probably too late now.

A painful assessment that we should have heard about just after the All Star break. There is still time, but I am not holding my breath.

This is not the Ozzie that I know. This is not the fire that I have seen in the past from him. Being a Major League manager for the same team as long as he has is tough, very few can do it. I am afraid if they don't vie for the AL Crown it is time for him to leave.

Ozzie, you started Contreras in 2 of these games and your nephew Garcia in 2 of the last dozen and had Linebrink pitch and lost a game for Buehrle and others. They have all been terrible. You left Castro in the 7th to run, no one else. If you don't care, you should leave. We are dead in the water because of your pitching decisions, period.

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