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Ozzie willing to fall on the sword

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reinsdorf_060906.jpgBOSTON - You want to point fingers come October if the White Sox are watching the postseason from home?
According to manager Ozzie Guillen, start and finish the finger-pointing with him, because as far as the sixth-year manager was concerned, board chairman Jerry Reinsdorf and general manager Ken Williams did their jobs assembling a team with what Guillen feels is "world series'' talent.
In the wake of Williams saying last week that this would be his most disappointing season at the helm if the Sox didn't reach the postseason, Guillen went out of his way to praise both Williams and Reinsdorf.
"Jerry showed the fans how much he wants to win,'' Guillen said, pointing out the additions of Jake Peavy and Alex Rios, along with their big contracts. "He showed the players how much he wants to win. I think Kenny and myself are lucky enough to work with this guy. We're very lucky. Jerry is a very tremendous business man. He knows what he wants, he knows what to do. If Jerry said yes to this players, it's for a reason. And we're lucky enough to have him as a boss.
"We don't have a pain in the ass bosses who start to put their nose where they don't have to. Jerry is a baseball fan who loves his team, loves his organization. Everyone has a job. Jerry never gets involved with Kenny or myself, how to manage or do our jobs. Everyone got to do their job and he trusts people in the organization.''
As far as what Williams said, Guillen said anytime you fall short of the playoffs it's a disappointment.
"This team overcomes a lot of stuff,'' Guillen said. "Look at the way we started spring training, we have four or five guys who weren't here before. If we have this ballclub early in the season, I might be in first place by 10 games. I might, I might not. The talent we had [at the start], we got BA [Brian Anderson], [Dewayne] Wise, [Josh] Fields, [Wilson] Betemit, Corky [Miller], [Jose] Contreras was hurt ... I think right now, this club is good enough to win the World Series.
"But I think it will be disappointing if we don't win, of course. But in the meanwhile, if you look at our record early in the season, I never thought we'd make it to .500 with how bad we started. Little by little, we climb and I think we still have plenty of time to be in first place.
"Kenny has always given me a good club. Always. He's given me the guys to win this thing and I'm not going to say anything bad about Kenny because he's given me enough talent to work.''

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huh? "world series" talent? how does he figure? nobody in this lineup scares anybody..its one .265 hitter trying to hit a home run every time up after another...its like a lineup with 7 greg walkers in it

this is an understatement. This team is truly worse then 2007. No energy no desire. Limp to the finish line then figure out which of the old guys actually wants to win. I'd keep AJ, Pods and Paulie. Good bye Dye, good bye thome and good bye and thanks for the memories Jose. Let's see what we got in AAA for pitchers.Let's stop thinking we can turn has been's into the next el duque. That was magical but there's only so much pixie dust. spend it on a shrink for Buerhle.

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