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Have you seen this man?

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bartolo-colon.jpgThat's OK, because neither have the White Sox.
For the second time in the last five weeks, the Sox have "misplaced'' their 300-pound, often injured right-handed pitcher, as Bartolo Colon - this time on the DL with a sore right elbow - is once again missing.
"Right now, I don't see it,'' manager Ozzie Guillen first replied on Thursday, when asked if he thought Colon could help again this season. "Hopefully, he is, not late in September. But right now, we've got to wait another, what, 12 days to see exactly what it is. Then he's got to go to another rehab assignment.''
Guillen was then asked where Colon has been, and started to laugh.
"No, he's not here,'' Guillen said. "[Where?] ... that's the hardest question you ask me, where is Colon? I think I don't see him pitching here in the next 20 days because he's got to go to a rehab assignments, start over with a pitching thing and we'll see what happens.''
The Sox do know where Jake Peavy is, however. He was in San Diego this week, testing his injured right ankle on the mound Wednesday and having good results.
"[Wednesday] went very well,'' pitching coach Don Cooper said of Peavy's session. "He turned up the intensity more, second time off the mound, and he's looking to continue to climb.''
The Sox will have him back in town on Saturday, and he will throw off the mound again. If that goes well, he can begin his rehab assignment as early as next Thursday.
"At least three,'' Cooper said of the number of rehab starts Peavy would likely need. "But you know, he's going to tell us more and more as we go. He's going to give us a lot of the answers, how he's feeling and how he's throwing.''
Basically, if Peavy stays on schedule, that puts his debut for the Sox on Aug. 28, against the New York Yankees at the new Yankee Stadium. The lights don't get any brighter.
And maybe, just maybe, Colon will have turned up somewhere by then.

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hahahaha, wow im scared for my life after i opened up and saw this haha

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bring back freddy garcia

freddy garcia is back

@RaMbo - As a Twins fan, I hope you bring up Freddy... we'd love to face him.

Looks like if Reggie Jackson and Horatio Sanz had a baby!

joe, did you really have to post this picture twice in one week?

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