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Guess who's back on the mound!

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jose_contreras.jpgNEW YORK - OK, so maybe in the world of Ozzie Guillen grandchildren are overrated anyway.
Asked last week if he would give Jose Contreras another start this season, the White Sox manager responded, "I've got three kids, and I want to see my grandkids when they are born. I don't want to get a heart attack before my time.''
Pennant races must make a man do crazy thing, because guess who is getting the start for this afternoon's start against the New York Yankees?
"[Saturday's] starter is going to be Jose Contreras,'' Guillen announced after Friday's loss. "I don't have many choices. Our choices in the minor leagues weren't very good. He's going to start [Saturday]. We made sure we changed his routine, so we hope he pitches well.''
Guillen was asked why the organization decided to go away from calling up youngsters Daniel Hudson or Carlos Torres, and he pointed toward the fact that the roster somewhat had their hands tied.
"Because we don't have another options at all,'' Guillen said. "Then we don't want to move anyone off the roster and we'll see how it works.''
Contreras was finally yanked out of the starting rotation earlier in the week, after he went 1-5 with a 6.16 ERA in his last eight starts.
The Sox were hoping that the Saturday spot would be filled by Jake Peavy, but after taking a comebacker in his right elbow last Monday, they opted to give him one more start in Class AAA Charlotte Saturday night.

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Can't wait to hear "The Hawkeroo" try to put lipstick on this pig! In all likelihood Saturday's game will be OVER before it even starts with Jose on the bump. Go Sox?

Well, here we go again. We will not make the playoffs because Ozzie is in love with Contreras and Linebrink. Together they have lost us 25 games. If we had anyone who would have done half of what should be expected, we would be in first by 5 games. And why was not someone running for Castro in the 7th? Castro wasn't running hard on the pitch and needs to go.
Terrible managing. Ozzies complaint about the team are wrong. He is responsible for the pitchers and game decisions.

I'm going to point out here that since the 06 All Star break the Sox are 256-273....that's 3 1/2 years of bad baseball...I think that's long enough that it's something that Ozzie Guillen needs to answer for.

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