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Figgins or Podsednik in 2010? Let the debate begin

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mlb.jpgNo matter how this season finishes for the White Sox this year, atop of Ken Williams' to-do list is to sit with the speedy leadoff hitter he watched from his private box at The Cell on Wednesday, and talk contract with the free agent-to-be.
And right after Williams is done talking to Chone Figgins, he may then also have to reach out to Scott Podsednik, who has gone from out of baseball back in April to a commodity that will warrant a price tag.
What the Jake Peavy trade did was reiterate that the Sox are in, and will stay in, win-now mode. And while Jordan Danks is still likely a few years away - along with 2009 first-round pick Jared Mitchell - there is no in-house candidate to take leadoff duties for the 2010 team.
Figgins is undoubtedly 1a, but Podsednik is hoping to be 1b. While he won't initiate those talks with the Sox, he made it very obvious where his heart is.
"I'm going to go into the offseason open-minded,'' Podsednik said, when asked about his approach to free agency. "With that said, I love the city, I love the organization.
"I'm comfortable here, and my wife likes the city, she's comfortable here. It would be nice to come back and play for the White Sox.''
Ozzie Guillen said on Wednesday that the feeling was mutual. But Guillen also pointed out that he doesn't sign the checks.
"This team is going to have a lot of trouble if we don't have Podsednik here,'' Guillen said. "I don't want Podsednik's agent to take this interview and try to make some money with me. I've had a couple players say you know, look at what Ozzie said about your players, it cost another $1 million for the White Sox. But it's true. He plays a good outfield.''
Podsednik did admit that he has not heard where he stands in the club's future beyond the next two months, so his attitude is to make it the best two months that he can.
"I would [like to re-sign], but I think anyone is foolish if they say they don't think about job security and their future,'' Podsednik added. "We all have families, we all have bills to pay, things on that side of it, so yes, it enters your mind. Most importantly, is we're still trying to win and make it to the playoffs.
"I would love to come back and play here. Again, I don't know where Kenny Williams is on that, I don't know where the organization stands on that. I would definitely sit down and entertain if they wanted to talk. Until we're approached, I'm focusing on leading off and providing some spark.''

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Could we bring in Figgins and still bring Pods back as our 4th outfielder? I see him having valve, if he keeps up his batting average.

Would Carl Crawford be a good option to discuss in this situation. He is a little younger than these two candidates and i think he would be available?

There is no better leadoff man than Scott. Besides, he plays his heart out!

If you think the Angels are going to let Figgins walk, you are absolutely nuts.

Figgins > Podsednik.

I love Scotty Pods, but lets not think that this season isn't just lightning in a bottle. I would love to keep Scotty as the 4th OF, Pinch runner, etc. He's to much of a butcher to be a starter, and he probably won't reproduce the same stats in 2010. Figgins can play 3B and the OF. I hate to play the fantasy card, but let Figgins go to LF and lets get Beltre to play third. Which would (hopefully) move Beckham to short and Ramirez who was great at 2B in 2008.

Figgins can also play 2B which on our team could be huge!

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