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Contreras and Thome traded ... Peavy iffy

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ken-williams-white-sox-20080512_zaf_i88_173.jpgMINNEAPOLIS - With the S.S. South Sider in full fledge sink mode, Captain Kenny was frantically trying to lighten the load with anything that wasn't nailed down.
And a big piece of cargo was tossed overboard Monday night, following yet another embarrassing 4-1 loss to the Minnesota Twins on a road trip full of embarrassment.
With an 11 p.m. deadline for players to be moved before playoff rosters had to be set, an ESPN report had White Sox general manager Ken Williams sending out a list of players that were available, including Jim Thome, Jermaine Dye, Scott Linebrink, Scott Podsednik, Jose Contreras and Octavio Dotel.
By the time the deadline came and went Thome was sent to the Los Angeles Dodgers for infielder Justin Fuller, while Contreras went to the Colorado Rockies for cash and pitcher Brandon Hynick.
But that wasn't the only news the team received after dropping to 1-7 on this dismal road trip. The MRI of Jake Peavy's elbow came back clear, showing no structural damage, but there was fluid in the elbow from the comebacker he suffered in the Aug. 24 rehab game for Class AAA Charlotte.
While it would sound like good news, the fact that the Sox are now 64-68 could make it so there would be no reason to even pitch Peavy this season, shutting him down and getting him ready for 2010.
"That hasn't been said to me,'' Peavy said. "I saw a few doctors [Monday]. The biggest thing is the last start [on Saturday] was disappointing. Got it going and then had fluid build up. Structurally, my arm looked as good as it could look.
"No idea what to tell you except get here [today], play catch and see where I'm at. I couldn't play catch [Monday].
"We've come this far, not going to quit just yet. Hopefully get healthy and make a few starts this year.''
At this point, it's become almost why even try?

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First Kenny had to pay the dodgers and the rockies to take thome and contreras. He didn't trade for prospects he paid them take two major leaguers and got two minor leaguers in return. This is a good deal for the sox how?

Sounds like the sox are worried about structural damage in Peavy's elbow, wonder why? It should have healed from that injury last year by now shouldn't it? May as well get him out there on the mound and see what the sox got for all 5 of those pitching prospects. Maybe when the swelling goes down he can throw one over 90 again, that will help him pitching in the cell.

Two down and a few more to go! You da man Kenny! Ozzie get out! Go Sox in 2010!

I think that the Thome trade to L.A. was a gift from KW to Jim Thome. The Dodgers are contenders and have a real shot at winning the World Series. I’ve read several articles in which JT has stated that his primary goal is to win a WS. No matter what KW and Ozzie were saying up until just a few days ago, the Sox weren’t going to get it done. I wish the best of luck to Jim Thome. I may just root for the Dodgers for the rest of the season. It would be nice to see JT get his ring.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Jose Contreras and wish him well too. I never really got a sense of Jose’s personality outside of his pitching -- I think mostly due to a language barrier – but the fact that he asked to be demoted to work on a few things earlier this year proves to me that he was a competitor and he cared. I hope that he ends his career on a high note.

Thanks guys for the memories. And, thanks Jose for the WS win in 2005.

Let's throw a party Contreras is gone that's the best news i've heard since waking up this morning. This bum is no godd and will not help the Rockies at all. It's about time KW had a garage sale and lightened the load on a group of overpaid, lazy and selfish bunch of guys who don't want to play ball. All this voodoo crap about the dome, just play ball and win some games. I feel sorry for Thome but happy that he's at least going to team that's in first, he was a good guy. Now it's time to get Linebrink out of that Sox uniform and tell him to 'KICK ROCKS' in other words beat the streets. If they continue to play the way they've been playing the garage sale should continue too.

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