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White Sox react to Parque story

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dean-palmer.jpgOzzie Guillen admitted that he really "didn't know the kid'' when Jim Parque's name was brought up to the White Sox manager on Thursday morning.
But that didn't stop Guillen from praising Parque's honesty in his admittance to using HGH in an exclusive article that appeared in the Sun-Times.
"It's one thing, I tip my hat to him,'' Guillen said of the former Sox pitcher. "At least he's got guts to say so, and admit it and let people know what he did wrong. We need more of that. I think it's something people got to look themselves in the mirror and say it.
"I'm not gonna say I don't blame him, because that sounds stupid for me. But the big boys taking it, and they're good, and that's what will get me to survive in this game, then I will do it. That's maybe what was going through his mind. But I'm glad he came out and say it. I'm proud of him. Like I say, I don't know the kid but he should look himself in the mirror and feel proud of what he say. It's not easy to say that.''
Guillen was then asked if he feels different about players who were using performance-enhancing drugs to recover from an injury, like Parque claimed he was, from players that use it to simply enhance their numbers, and responded with a "no doubt.''
"I think that when you come back and try to survive injuries, and try to survive, the other guys try to make money and be better,'' Guillen said. "There's three reasons to admit something: You're going to make money out of it. I don't think anybody is gonna buy his freaking book. To sleep at night. Or to be noticed and be in the public eye. That's the only three reasons you do that. And I think this kid, to me, just did it because he wants to sleep well. And he wanted to show people out there when you do the wrong thing, it still doesn't work.
"I wish I was his father, I wouldn't have let him take it. If I were his father I'd be proud of him to come out and say it. It's not an easy situation.''
General manager Ken Williams, who Parque publicly apologizes to for his conduct when Williams was in the process of releasing the lefty, said he hadn't read the article, but had been told what it was about.
"If that is in fact what he has come out and said, then at a time when he doesn't have to say it and doesn't have to expose himself like that, I think that shows a tremendous amount of courage and character,'' Williams said. "Whatever he's done in the past, these are things that he and others like him are going to have to live with. Good for him. He probably has washed away a lot of things that have been on his conscious.''
As far as Sox player reaction, only Mark Buehrle and Paul Konerko were teammates of Parque.
"We're all human beings and you can take every single case individually,'' Konerko said. "To look at it, if Jim walked in here right now, I wouldn't look at him any differently than the last time I saw him. It doesn't matter to me. I guess it hits everyone a different way. Until it affects you personally, if a guy is taking your job or taking something from you or your family, you have no opinion about it and that's the way I've approached it.''

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