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Two teams enter, one team leaves - Dome time

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mad_max_beyond_the_thunderdome.jpgDETROIT - It was a statement that should have raised a few more eyebrows when it came out of the mouth of A.J. Pierzynski last season.
Unfortunately, the White Sox catcher had numbers and an ugly trend to back up what he was saying.
"It seems like guys come in here with their heads down before the first pitch is thrown,'' Pierzynski explained when asked about trips to the Metrodome.
Less than a year removed from when Pierzynski said that, very little has changed. Just ask Jermaine Dye.
"Yeah, I think so,'' Dye said Sunday, when asked if he agreed with Pierzynski's assessment. "It's the same with any club. There are certain teams in certain stadiums that you go to that you have bad luck against. I remember when I was in Oakland, we knew when Chicago came to town we were going to beat them. It continued when I came over here. When we go to Oakland it's hard for us to win. Some teams, some stadiums have your number in certain places and it's hard to point a finger at what it is.''
Not that Dye didn't at least try to explain why the Sox have lost 11 of their last 13 there.
Forget the fact that the Twins are fundamentally more sound than the Sox are on their best day, but according to Dye, they play in the one ballpark that gives them a bigger home advantage than any other team in the American League has.
"The thing is when you play in that stadium against that club, they're very good there,'' Dye said. "They not only give us fits, but I've heard guys like Derek Jeter talk about how you have to get all 27 outs on them or they'll eat you up.
"With the kind of team they have, tailored to play in that park. It is probably the field that has the most advantage for that club. You don't want to run into them there in a short series. Hopefully guys will get up a little bit more for this series.''
Monday starter John Danks at least seemed like he was up for it.
Making his first start since being shut down last week with circulation problems in his left index finger, Danks is a lifetime 1-1 with a 6.23 ERA in the Dome.
"We're not going in defeated,'' Danks said. "We know we have to play well. It's definitely different than playing at U.S. Cellular, I don't think that's any secret. We go out there and play well we definitely can win, but we have to throw strikes and play good defense.''

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