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Ozzie is a "racist'' after latest move?

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carlosquentin_110908.jpgOzzie Guillen knew right when the announcement was made on Monday, the e-mail box would fill up.
So when the club sent out notice in the afternoon that Carlos Quentin was recalled from his rehab assignment with Class AAA Charlotte, and Brian Anderson was sent down over Dewayne Wise to make room for Quentin, sure enough, the "Ozzie is a racist'' comments were fired.
"What he needs to do is start playing better,'' Guillen said of Anderson's demotion to Charlotte. "It's been four years, and I've got a lot of e-mails from people calling me racists and stuff because, 'I don't like Anderson.' Well, when you don't like the players, they don't last too long. When I don't like one player, believe me, he'll be out of here in a hurry because I've got the power.
"If I tell [GM Kenny Williams], 'This guy isn't good for the ballclub,' Kenny will do everything he can to get him out of here. If people think we don't like Brian, yes we do, yes we do. I think Brian hasn't produced like we thought. We've given him four years in-a-row to produce, we gave him a shot to be the everyday center fielder and that didn't work. Since I've been managing the ballclub, we've given him a legit shot. Two months ago, I said 'He's going to be my center fielder every day,' and he couldn't do it. Some people think it's my fault and I hate him, but I have to make the best lineup and he didn't perform.''
Guillen said the main reason the move was made was because Wise gives him a speed guy off the bench that can pinch run late in games and brings some speed off the bench.
As far as the organization is concerned, there is an underlying feeling that while both players played the game hard, Wise played the game hard to stay here, while Anderson was playing hard in hopes of playing somewhere else.
Now that Quentin was back in left field, as well as his sixth spot in the order, Guillen was expecting the lineup to suddenly seem a bit more formidable.
"Carlos, I don't know what to expect,'' Guillen said. "He hasn't played at the big-league level for a while. I guess he's healthy enough to go out and compete here. The report we had [Sunday] was real good and that's why he's here.
"Obviously when Carlos is in the lineup he makes the lineup stronger, makes the lineup better, and he makes the team look a lot different - no doubt about it. In the meanwhile, we've got to do what we do. We have people to replace him, but hopefully we don't have to deal with this anymore. This kid is very important for the organization and a key player for us, so hopefully he stays here for good.''
Guillen's not alone in that hope.
"I have some soreness,'' Quentin admitted. "Something I'll just deal with, but it's nothing compared to what I experienced in the past before the injury and after the injury. I'm confident that, knock on wood, I won't have any setbacks and I think we tested that.''
Quentin said there was no reason he couldn't play back-to-back games or held back in anyway.

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B.A. is definitely the better player. He is a gold glove caliber defender, whereas Wise is simply average. Anderson's lifetime average is still 40 points higher than Wise and he is 5 years younger. Thought the team was trying to get younger??? Why keep a 31 yr old avg defender, avg speed, no power, whose lifetime average is like .207??? He hits lefty and is out of options? Crappy argument. Give Anderson consistent at bats and he hits, like when Wise was gone. Bring Wise back, jerk B.A's playing time around, and it gets hard to hit, FOR ANYONE. Thanks OZZIE. Maybe YOU should get sent down.

Hopefully, Quentin stays healthy and Podsenick does a great job in center. The bottom line is both Brian and Dewayne had their chances in center and did not perform. I would use Nix as the backup centerfielder. Wise is clearly not the answer. Hello - is there anyone in the farm system?

I'll give Wise credit because he produced last year after Quentin went down, played great down the stretch getting into the playoffs and was the most consistent top of the order hitter we had in the playoffs. Best hitter in the playoffs for us (.286 BA 1 HR 5 RBI 1 SB).

You you are right, BA is a good player but he needs more consistent at bats, playing time. Now the Quentin is back, he won't get that anyway. The jolt he gives off the bench is the great defense. But Wise is way faster and good enough on defense. It's really a coin toss and I will give Wise the second half of the season off the bench. Neither of them have produced this year. It is what it is, lets just hope Carlos stays healthy and stays clutch.

Ozzie's explanation doesn't hold much water. I don't have anything against either Wise or Anderson, but Wise hasn't done any better with his chances and Anderson has been a better hitter and fielder than Wise. Anderson did have all he could ask for as far as a chance goes in 2006, but since then he hasn't received consistent playing time. I do get the gut feeling there is something Ozzie doesn't like about Anderson, but I doubt that race has anything to do with it.

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