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No takers on Anderson

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BA%20Hair.jpgBrian Anderson isn't going anywhere.
Looking to get traded from the White Sox at different moments over the past two seasons, the Sox outfielder, who was just demoted to Class AAA Charlotte, will remain in the Sox system for now, unless there is a serious change of heart around baseball.
According to a Sox source on Thursday morning, Anderson was shopped weeks leading up to the decision to keep Dewayne Wise on the active roster over Anderson, and had been shopped around the last few days with no takers.
Whether or not the club can somehow make him a throw-in if there is a bigger packaged trade for a front-line starter out there in the next week remains to be seen, but for now Anderson is stuck.

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Joe Cowley is a Brian Anderson hater. The Sun Times has many more recent file photos of Brian but Cowley used this 5 year old photo where Brian has long hair and looks much younger.
Brian was never shopped as Cowley suggests. He is absolutely lying.

Really? Are you a member of the White Sox front office? How do you know Anderson was not shopped? Cowley is the best sports beat writer in Chicago. Why don't you move to Charlotte so you can be closer to your boy BA, 'cause he has shown nothing that merits him staying with the big club despite numerous chances to win the CF job.

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