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More Buehrle love, and his Minnesota hate

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g072309buehrleperfect4_cst_feed_20090723_16_01_27_9373_h=370&w=400.jpgMINNEAPOLIS - Even Mark Buehrle is getting sick of discussing Mark Buehrle.
So when the White Sox announced on Wednesday that they will now have the "Buehrle Appreciation Series'' during the Aug. 4-6 series with the Angels, well, unless deer hunting was involved in the pregame, the left-hander was starting to feel a bit out of his comfort zone.
"I'm not into the whole attention stuff,'' Buehrle said. "They even said something about me throwing out the first pitch and I said, 'I'll still catch it if you want someone else to throw it to me. I don't really care about throwing out the first pitch.' If I do, I thought about throwing it over the catcher's head or in the dirt to see if I
can get booed off the field for the first pitch.''
It would be the only place Buehrle is booed these days, fresh off his perfect game last week and then setting a major-league record in his follow-up start on Tuesday by retiring 45 consecutive hitters, breaking the mark of 41 by Bobby Jenks and Jim Barr.
The Sox feel that warrants three games of a series to commemorate their pitcher, starting with limited edition "Mark Buehrle Perfect Game Placard's'' on Tuesday. Buehrle has already had a "Mark Buehrle Day'' back in his hometown of St. Charles, Mo., after the 2005 World Series, so it should seem no big deal. Then again, this is Mark Buehrle.
"It's a crazy thing,'' Buehrle said. "I'm more shocked than anything.''
Buehrle did admit, however, that the idea of his streak of 45 hitters sat down finally sank in, thanks in large part to third base coach Jeff Cox.
" 'Coxsie' said it best,'' Buehrle explained. "Right here, as everyone was kind of leaving [the clubhouse], he was throwing some cuss words in there like, 'Mark Fing Buehrle? Are you kidding me? This game has been around 120 years and Sandy Koufax, Randy Johnson, Cy Young and Bert Blyleven, all the guys names, and Mark Buehrle, are you kidding?'
"I had tears in my eyes, I was laughing so hard. But that just kind of showed how long the game has been around and I set a record and I ain't sharing it with anyone else. It's just me. For me to have something over all the great pitchers in this game, it kind of sinks in a little more.''
One place there will be no "Mark Buehrle Day,'' however, is in Minneapolis, where Twins fans didn't take kindly to what sounded like Buehrle dismissing the hits the Twins eventually did get on him. He did say after the loss, "It's probably one of the most fired up I've been after a game. I'll get in too much trouble ... but I'm not a big fan of broken bat bloop singles.''
A day later, Buehrle wasn't backing down.
"You can say I'm a whiner or whatever else,'' Buehrle said. "If I give up hits, I don't mind if they crush the ball and get a base hit. I know it's baseball and it's going to happen but it still doesn't make it any easier for me. I hate giving up bloop singles.''
He hates the Metrodome more.
"Oh, yeah,'' Buehrle added, when asked if he was looking forward to the outdoor stadium the Twins move into next season. "I'm not saying this team is going to be bad but I think it's going to be a totally different team when they go outside. They won't have the turf, but that's how they build their team to play on this 80 games a year. You can't take that way from them.''

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