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'Hell yes' Hawk likes cussing

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hawk-and-dj.jpgMINNEAPOLIS - Parents watching White Sox broadcasts this season never thought they would have to tell Junior, "Earmuffs kid.''
Then again, hearing television play-by-play man Ken "The Hawk'' Harrelson bellow out "yes, hell, yes,'' during the game wasn't expected to be a regular occurrence, either.
It has been, at least five and counting so far.
So how did Harrelson's newest catch phrase evolve?
Well, the first one came out in the June 14 win over Milwaukee, but the one that got the most attention was the two-run homer hit by Alexei Ramirez against the Cubs in a June 18 loss.
"It just came out, it just popped out,'' Harrelson said Sunday. "Then after the game, I'm not a texter, but I can get them, I know how to receive them. I must have had 30 texts on my phone, and that evening some of my good friends called me and said, 'I loved it man, I loved it.' ''
Harrelson did admit that not everyone has, however.
"Well, if that's the worst thing they hear or say ... I had probably 40 letters sent to me within four or five days after that first one, and there was one in there that said, 'I really don't appreciate it, I don't want my kid cussing ... ' or whatever, but I just got so excited,'' he explained.
And he did again on Saturday night, when Ramirez turned the double play on a grounder hit be the speedy Denard Span to end the Twins ninth-inning rally and seal the 8-7 win.
"If we would have blown that game [Saturday] night, you don't like to say it, but it could have been our season,'' Harrelson said. "Remember a few years ago, the famous [Jose] Paniagua game [in 2003] when he almost let the Twins back in the game? Even though [Minnesota] lost, come back like they did lifted them straight up. They went on to win the division. [Then Twin A.J. Pierzynski] said that game was one of the more defining moments of that year, because they were beaten on their ass, and all of a sudden they took off from almost making the comeback in that game.
"With this club, what I've noticed as I've gotten older is that my emotions get a little higher. You think they would be waning. But I want this club to win so bad. [Saturday] night when Span was up, I didn't think there was anyway we would get the double play. When he hit that ball on the 1-1 pitch, and I saw Alexei was going to get the double play, I said, 'Yes, hell yes, this game is O-vah.' It's not contrived. If it was, I wouldn't do it.''
In other words, it won't be going away anytime soon.
"Earmuffs kid.''

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Hawk is two ways about it...hope that one day a long time from now he gets his statue outside US Cellular Field because he deserves it...I'm 34 and he's been the voice of the Sox and their biggest fan for most of my life, going back to 83 and then from 90 onward after a short hiatus...we love you Hawk..HELL YES

Hawk needs to shut up. Can't stand him.

The Hawk is a douchebag, just like every White Sox fan.

I prefer announcers who care, like Hawk, over the emotionally-void droners who all sound the same and really could care less who wins.

I think Roberet Schuman is a Brain Dead Cubs fan who can not be held responsable for the trash he speaks.

The Hawk is a douchebag, just like every White Sox fan.
One word fo you, BBCB --- WRONG!

Harrelson is a legion in his own mind.
The only thing Harrelson has going for him is Stone sitting next to him showing him what a real announcer should be like. Listening to a White Sox game with Harrelson is like listening to a washed up baseball player trying to relive his past and being interupted by a baseball game.

Hawk is the passionate whitesox fans love him. Best Home Run call in the game. Yes hurts when Sox lose like true fans. and yes speaks his feelings as he should. people like these ie; Phil Rogers (Tribune Dud baseball proffessor) and others call him a homer. SO What, a home broadcaster should be. But Hawk is as fair it gets. Praises other teams and there players . Knows a 10 volume knowledge of the past 50 years to the present and the in's and out's of the great game

Actually, "Hell" isn't cussing. Not anymore.

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