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Fields now wants out

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josh_fields1.jpgMINNEAPOLIS - To no one's surprise, including his own, Josh Fields was demoted to Class AAA Charlotte after the game, and had no problem admitting that he now wants to be traded.
"No,'' the once highly-touted prospect responded, when asked if he was upset with the decision. "I had a meeting with [general manager Ken Williams Tuesday] before the game. It was one of best meetings I
had with them. Everything has been good so far. Only hope look out for me somehow and if a team is looking for someone like me, help me out.''
Asked if that meant he wanted to be elsewhere, Fields said, "I think yeah, we had a good discussion in there. So we will see, couple of days left before deadline, hopefully something happens.''

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"Only hope look out for me somehow and if a team is looking for someone like me, help me out." says Fields.

Damn! Everyone misread Fields.

Josh seems to have a learning disability.

It's not that his hips are so tight he could be 'runway' model at the Bataan.

Or, he's so slow that people hit him on the head like he's Heinz' ketchhup to make him run faster.

Or, that his swing has so many holes in that you would think he's Mayor McCheese.

Ohhhh, Nooo!

Josh, you're the second coming of Herbert Perry. But, at least, Herbert knew his role


Any tme the Sox make a trade, I would like to see them trade with a National League team. Why? Because over time these trades within the American League always seem to come back and bite them in the butt. Good Luck to Brian Anderson! Go Sox!!!

Anderson, Fields, Sweeney, Owens, Miller, I pray this inept management group doesn't ruin Beckham, Getz and Quentin.
If only we had a hitting coach-I'm just sayin'.

Anderson was a joke. Fields is mediocre. Sweeney isn't exactly ripping up the league with Oakland. Owens was a bust. Miller was too old. These guys are merely products of the old drafting regime - the SOX rectified this for the future and you will probably see the new prospects faring much better than the old ones ... Beckham, Getz, Ramirez. I'm glad they are cleaning house for the future!

I'd like to know what trades have come back to "bite us in the butt"? Not saying its never happened, just that I dont look around the league and say " Man, wish we had Those guys back!

You realize that we gave up on these prospects after years of giving them a chance. Anderson can't hit, fields can't hit fastballs or defend, Owens couldn't hit. Who is Miller? Corky? the guy is a career minor leaguer. what is wrong with you. we didn't ruin any of these guys, they all were terrible.

Anderson, Fields, Sweeney, Owens, and Miller won't blame Sox management for their failures. If they did they'd be laughed at.

you idiots...none of these prospects have come back to hurt us....kenny is a amazing

Florida Jim, that's quite an infamous list. Let's hope that the minor league system has been fixed since the Duane "I can't draft anybody worth a darn" Schaffer regime. MERCY!!!

Don't worry about Beckham, but Getz still needs some seasoning to convince me that he's the future. Quentin? If he's not still injured thus hampering his swing and plate approach, I'm beginning to worry. Moreover, while I do believe that hitting coaches get too much discredit when things go wrong and not enough credit when they go right, I think that we could do better than Greg Walker. He seems to help some guys like Beckham, but seemingly has little of no effect on at least half the lineup.

Getz is not the future; he's got a 50-50 shot of being in the league 3 years from now. Fields has less shot than that given the holes in his swing. (Maybe Viciedo has the same problem, but he's only 20 and still has a chance to be a useful third baseman in the majors, whereas Fields's window is closing.) Keeping Anderson over Chris Young was a much bigger mistake than dealing Anderson, and Young's not a worthwhile regular.

Getting rid of Anderson was not a mistake. Getting rid of Lance Broadway was not a mistake. Getting rid of Fields will not be a mistake. Employing Duane Schaffer and David Wilder to oversee the farm for so many years, those were mistakes. Time to clear out the rubbish and make way for (what I hope are) better players that Doug Laumann's picked up.

When given the job of starting 3B a couple of years ago he crushed the ball and then was sent down the next year when KW attempted to increase Crede's value before he was let go. I give Josh tons of credit for his attitude then. I would question his self-respect if he put up with the way he has been treated now.

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