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To deal Jose or not to deal?

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ContrerasAP2.jpgJose Contreras has captured a lot of attention since returning from his self-demotion to Class AAA Charlotte to post a 2-1 record and 1.23 ERA in his last three starts with the White Sox.
And that attention is now starting to come from other organizations waiting to see if the Sox do in fact become sellers before the July 31 trade deadline.
Contreras' re-emergence as a dominant starter is win-win for the Sox whether they keep the free agent to be or trade him off. And while trade talk affected Contreras back in his New York days - before the Sox acquired him at the trade deadline in 2004 - he now understands it could very well happen.
"About 20 days before they traded me [The Yankees] told me, 'Don't worry, we're not trading you,' '' Contreras recalled through interpreter Lou Hernandez on Thursday. "July 31, about 3 o'clock, they called me in the office and said, 'We traded you. You do have a no-trade clause so you don't have to go if you don't want to.' My feeling was like being invited to a party, you show up to the party and the host says, 'Hey, actually you're not invited, but you can come in since you're here.' I'm not going into that party.
"But I felt bad. I spent my entire time on one team in Cuba, and I just didn't understand it back then. I understand it now, I know it's a business.''
That doesn't mean the right-hander is dwelling on a trade possibility, however.
"I've got added value after the last couple times I've pitched? Well, then that feels great,'' Contreras said. "It's a business and my job is to pitch. I've felt good about the way I've pitched, but haven't thought about being traded at all. My goal would to be to finish my career with the White Sox. I would love to stay here the rest of my career. But whatever team I'm going to be on, I'm going to prepare myself the same way.''
His next order of business? The Cubs, Friday afternoon.
"My complete respect to the Cubs, great team, but I'm just excited to pitch every five days,'' Contreras added. "It being the Cubs doesn't make a bit of difference.''

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Contreras rules there a classier guy in baseball than him? Not that I know of....wish him all the best wherever he is pitching..

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