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The shirt that Ozzie loves

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5049_1162553099511_1098348974_30487519_6531966_n.jpgThe people responsible for making Ozzie Guillen so giddy about his latest T-Shirt?
Theresa Nagle and Murat Orlu, who have several stands throughout the Wrigleyville area, designed the shirt sported by the White Sox manager on Wednesday morning that reads "Ozzie mows Wrigley Field,'' and has the manager pictured pushing a lawnmower on the place that he claims makes him "puke'' to step into.
The shirt is hot and getting only hotter, and the places to pick up Guillen's latest amusement? Sheffield and Clark has a stand, as well as Sheffield and Addison.
Bring $20 bucks and a sense of humor. Leave your sensitivity at home.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but this seems to be a racist stereotype and an insult towards the Sox manager. The implication is that because Ozzie is Latino, he must be in the landscaping business. I know that the Cubs/Sox rivalry usually leads to many good-natured barbs back and forth between fans, but I think this crosses a line. As Ozzie stated- he only insulted the STADIUM, not the fans or anyone's ethnicity. I don't know why Ozzie would want to wear this, except to say "This doesn't bother me." The women who made this ought to be ashamed. Leave it to Cubs fans to sink to a new low.

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